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May 2013

Ilaiyaraaja: Project “Then, Now & Forever” 2013

Western classical music is perspective – look at the number of people involved in a symphony! Our traditional music is lonely – Ilaiyaraaja

ilaiyaraaja sp bala s janaki old photo

A very young Ilaiyaraaja with the very talented SP Bala and S. Janaki in the early 1980s during a recording session. Image source: The Federal

As long I could remember, I have been listening to Ilaiyaraaja music since I was still young and started to have an appreciation of his style of music – all the way from the 1970s (you are aware that Annakili was not his first movie and that he had to impress the producer Panchu Arunachalam by singing a song that his mother sang and using the table as a music instrument?) to his latest flick in “Neethane En Ponvasantham” – thanks to my Dad who was a big fan of Ilaiyaraaja (Ilaiyaraaja means the “younger” Raja – that is because the Tamil music industry already had another music director named Raja – the famed A.M. Raja).

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Prepping in Malaysia 101: Creating Doomsday Store Room

prepping storeroom doomsday house

(The canned food in the storeroom. Having enough food and clean drinking water for the family draws the highest priority on my prepping list but of course, looking for storage place without it is left on the open is fast becoming an issue – I blame this on housing developers not having basement as a standard house design in this country. It’s time to be highly creative with storage. Image source:

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