Childhood Memories: Part 25 – My First And Only Precious Bicycle

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(Long before mountain bicycles, you still remember the BMX madness in the 1990s? Back then I did not know BMX stood for bicycle motocross, instead, I thought it was a brand. I think there should be a rule that all kids should be able to ride a bicycle at least one point of childhood life.

World Affairs 101: Syrian War – Can Never Trust Them, Eh?


(We all seriously hope Najib has a concrete financial plan for the country when it comes to empowerment of its people and the economy and not doing for the sake of his own political survival in the upcoming political party elections. As taxpayers, no one want to see their hard earned money down the toilet on short-sighted financial plans.

Cost of Living 101: Another Petrol Price Hike…


(What we see whenever the Government increase the price of essentials like petrol and ask the taxpayers to change their lifestyle – a burden that we are  willing to share provided the Government does the same. Image source:

I have been quite busy with work this week and the recent news from tanahair did not sound that good too.…

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