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IT 2017 – Disheartened Scenes

Read These First:-


(If you have read the IT, the novel, the clown known as Pennywise The Dancing Clown is actually an alien – a shape shifting monster ended up on prehistoric Earth during an asteroid impact and made its home under the land and would sleep for approximately 27 to 30 years at a time, using its time awake to wreak chaos and feed on human fear. Image Source: Amazon / Wikipedia)

IT came out in 2017…

Had anyone watched the evil clown movie called IT?

This horror movie came out in 2017 – I had wanted to watch it in theater back then but I did not have any chance and over time I had forgotten about it. Then last week, I managed to catch this movie and I now know why people got scared of clowns (more sighting happened in US before this movie came out). Seeing a clown with a red balloon standing in front of you did would have sent a shiver down anyone’s spine. It is worst if you (like me) prefer watching this movie late at night, expecting the unexpected.

The same fear I had when I was watching The Exorcist: The Beginning one night when I was in Bangkok. I seriously thought there was “something” in the dark hotel room and I had to switch on the lights just to make sure. But watching such horror movies (another was James Wan movies) at this particular time is such fun – the feeling of horror and excitement increases many times fold without one realises.

The adaption…

The filmmakers of IT did a good job of adapting the King of Horror, Stephen King’s novel of the same name. There were two scenes that for me, was rather moving and cause me to have a sense of helplessness. And both involved the two brothers – Bill and Georgie .

The scenes…

The first was the opening scene in IT where the big brother Bill folds a paper boat for his younger brother Georgie who takes it out to play in the rain. The fast running stream by the road side quickly swallows his paper boat and when he thought the boat had disappeared, the clown appears in the storm drain, at first speaking sweetly to Georgie before enticing him to lower his arm into the storm drain.

That is when you will see the clown turning into a horror monster!!

The second was the scene where Bill will find little Georgie in the clown’s lair. Georgie with a missing arm will be pleading with Bill – asking him why it took so long for Bill to find him and then pleading to Bill to take him far away from the horrible place and bring him back home. Little Georgie misses his home, his brother and his parents.

Not knowing at this point is that the evil clown had taken the form of Georgie to deceive Bill, one was caught with the moment of a little brother pleading for help from his big brother but Bill knows that little Georgie is already dead and the evil clown is now playing tricks on them.

This second scene made me to ponder on how the souls of lost & frighten small children is when they are separated from their parents at a very young age. Do they understand what is happening? Do they go the next stage in the cycle of death or get trapped somewhere on earth thinking that they are lost and waiting for someone to come and get them?

Something to ponder…

The IT movie scene made one to ponder for a moment.

Is that what really happened to little Georgie and all the children that the evil clown had killed since the time IT came down to earth?


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