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Anime 101: Crying Over Attack On Titan’s Red Swan

anime attack on titan netflix

I may be one of the last who managed to catch this excellent anime over NetflixAttack On Titan but watching it now has blown me away and I am waiting eagerly for the next chapters. Image source: Animamo.

The characterisation in Attack On Titan is just right and it is backed up by a very powerful storyline with cliffhangers at every end of the chapters. These cliffhangers are the ones that force me to watch the next chapters to see what happens next.

Eren Yeager who is the main protagonist and who is part of the Survey Corps is indeed the hero that a city under attack sorely needed. And often their small victories would be frustrated by dark forces within and having other sinister motives.

Anime Attack on Titan Yoshiki Hayashi

Another thing that is going well with Attack On Titan is the soundtrack and in particularly the theme song in Season 3 titled Red Swan by Japanese composer, Yoshiki Hayashi (image source: Wikipedia) and sung by Hideto Takarai who is better known as Hyde.

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This is the anime official version of the song which gives a rather impressive look at the anime series on Netflix. Red Swan as the theme of the anime sets the right mood of the anime which is indeed grim as the citizens of the wall fighting off the titans who are bent on destroying them.

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I prefer actually this live performance of the Red Swan by Hyde in the Acoustic Concert 2019 which starts off with the smooth sound of the piano before it launches into electric guitar and loud but great drum beats. The electric guitar solo at mark 2.50 of the video reminds me of the rock songs that were my favourite in the early 1990s.

The overall tone and the lyrics of Red Swan itself tells a story of people who wish to live & prosper despite the huge sacrifices and difficulties and this fits squarely on the Attack on Titan anime. You must watch this anime if you have the chance.

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