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Money 101: Best Things I Bought Via Online Shopping Part 2

online Leagoo M8 smartphone

Continuing with the best things that I have bought online, one of the best things that unfortunately did not last long is cheap China-made smartphones and smartphone covers.

One of the fine examples is Leagoo M8 smartphone which I bought online for RM263.20 and that was for a kill considering the phone’s specifications. In the end, I had to replace this phone as it got outdated and it had problems with the screen sensors. Image source: Mesramobile

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DAD dashboard cover online car

Image source: Lazada

Non-Slip Dashboard Cover

  • Product: DAD Non-Slip Dashboard Cover
  • Purchase Date: 15th Jan 2018
  • Price: RM34.00

This is something that I should have bought from Day 1 but I did not until I found fine cracks on the dashboard due to the heat.

The dashboard covers are cut to the size based on the models so they will fit just right. However, perhaps it is cheap online; the ones that I bought online did not actually fit the dashboard. It is large in some places.

This dashboard cover actually makes the interior slightly colder as it does not retain the sunlight heat compared to the actual dashboard itself. Further, it is easier to clean up the dust on the dashboard.

Philips Electric Shaver Razor Online

Image source: Philips Malaysia

Philips Electric Saver

  • Product: Philips PQ217/18 Electric Shaver (PQ217)
  • Purchase Date: 19th Nov 2018
  • Price: RM65.80

Surprisingly it was cheap online and was branded too. After all these years using a razor blade that left me with numerous scars and cuts, I finally decided to change it from cheap, dirty razors to something that runs on electricity. It has self-cleaning blades that do not require a lot of maintenance. Further, it was more friendly to the environment than the usual disposal plastic razors.

This electric shaver has a rechargeable battery built-in so I can recharge them anytime I want. This will be a great asset when I am travelling overseas. This is one of the cheaper models under Philips so there are only 2 shavers and it cannot be used on wet surfaces (it also means I cannot wash them clean).

P.s. I have added an electric trimmer in the recent lockdown in addition to the electric shaver.

Himalaya Acne Online Health Cream

Image source: Shopee Malaysia

Himalaya Clarina Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel

  • Product: Himalaya Clarina Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel 60ml – Cleanses skin, controls acne
  • Purchase Date: 7th March 2019
  • Price: RM14.90

This is one that I bought online for my son who started to have oily skin and acne started to break up causing unhealthy skin.

We actually tried a few options and lotions but it was not working until I heard from someone on the effectiveness of this lotion from the Himalaya brand. A couple of days of using it showed a significant improvement in my son’s acne problem.

I have used their products before when I was in Chennai and dropped by their shop to get some items (it was way cheaper in Rupee than in Ringgit).

Sewing Kit Online Thread Needle

Image source: Shopee Malaysia

Multi-function Sewing Kit

  • Product: Multi-function Sewing Kit With 97 Sewing Accessories, 24 Spools of Thread, 24 Colors, Mini Sewing Kits For Beginners, Traveler, Emergency, Whole Family To Mend and Repair Include Thimble, Colorful Threads, Needles, Tape Measure, Tweezers
  • Purchase Date: 26th August 2019
  • Price: RM22.00

Actually, I wanted to have this kit, a long, long time ago as I love sewing things but so far I have never had an opportunity to sew anything up using anything other than my standard black thread and a needle.

But then a proper sewing kit with multi-coloured threads and different types of needles and measuring tape would be a good complete to my personal interest. I am actually already eyeing an AI-powered sewing machine that can stitch 1000 patterns for my next online purchase.

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