Indian Cinema 101: Please Stop Making Stupid Movies!


(A movie that is full of big names but also full of holes in the plot. Image source: the Net)

All of us watches movies (some on daily basis) and at some point of life, you will come across movies that can only be classified as “great”. A first-class classics like this and new ones like this. We pay to watch these movies (those who subscribe to the movie channels at Astro, you will know what I mean) and thus all we ask for is that if you can’t make a great entertaining movie, then make one that is logical.

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DVD Ripping

Just wanted to share something and no, I am not promoting privacy…directly

(Older version of the Handbrake in action – image source: Wikipedia)

I have a problem.

I have plenty of good, expensive DVDs lying around at home; reminiscence of the days when I was still young and had plenty of money to buy original DVDs, when pirated DVD sellers can be found at almost every corner of neighbourhood and when watching movies on ASTRO was a distant away.… [Click to read the rest] “DVD Ripping”

Nagesh Passes Away

The many faces of C.K Nagesh (1933 – 2009). Image source:

May you rest in peace

I saw the movie Ethir Neechal many years ago and realised that when a comedian acts a serious role and acts well, the story line can be so engaging. Nagesh was at his best here and continued to provide very engaging roles in many films.… [Click to read the rest] “Nagesh Passes Away”

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Into the Movies Now

(This is an easy going guy – Forrest Gump. Image source:

I don’t know what is happening to me this week – I am spending my free time watching movies (done “I Am Legend”, “Forrest Gump” and now “Fight Club”) instead writing down something for the blog.… [Click to read the rest] “Into the Movies Now”

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Indian Cinema 101: World’s Sharpest Serious Shooter

This must be one of the best shooters I ever saw!

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Tamil Movie Review: Aegan 2008, Ajith’s Passable But Watchable Action Movie

Aegan Ajith tamil movie

(This movie has all the right stuff including 2 of the biggest stars in Tamil cinema industry but as usual, things get screwed up by half cooked storyline and bad directing. All images source: Times of India)

Having nothing much to do on a Monday afternoon (ya, I was on leave), I decided to catch a movie. Any movie would do – I and my wife did not have any preference since it has been some time since we last stepped into a cinema. We did not plan to see a particular movie. All we wanted to do to catch the earliest movie that we could see and leave.

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In the meantime…

It’s a Monday and I am just back from a client’s meeting…

The meeting was long and hard – by the middle of the meeting, I already developed a mild headache which only got worse as the day went by. And just my “luck”, the meeting ended at the rush hour which meant crawling myself through KL’s infamous traffic jam.… [Click to read the rest] “In the meantime…”

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Anjathey – Outstanding Work from Mysskin


I used to hate watching Tamil movies, particularly after developing deep hatred for Tamil Serials. Image source: Amazon

All Tamil movies in my perception then looked junk and a waste of time. That is until I watched Shankar’s Boys – it was refreshing and had a good storyline. Then over the years, good movies like Annayin (by Shankar), Vettaiyaadu Veilaiyaadu, Sivaji: The Boss (by Shankar) and more, proved me that not all new Tamil movies sucks.

There are indeed good movies out there, not perfect in all areas but still better than some fucked up movies that ran in the local cinemas and TV.

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It only happens in movies

Just a quick one…

There are just too many family events for this week – wedding registrations, engagements and weddings. Need to take time off on Sunday to consolidate the stories. Anyway here is a trivial question for you (long story ahead):-

A group of male college students standing in front of the girl college and were making fun of the girls walking in for their studies.

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Indian Cinema 101: Classic Tamil Comedy 2

comedy Tamil Indian cinema Goundamani Senthil

Classic comedy means nothing without Goundamani & Senthil duo. Image source: The News Minute

Continuing from Part 1, here is another comedy scene from the Tamil Movie “Gentleman” – between the two funny comedians, Goundamani & Senthil.

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