Flashback – 2011

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Welcome back everyone! Hopefully I will welcome you the same in 2013

In 2011, I could only muster 93 posts for this blog – this compared to 206 posts in 2010. Perhaps 2012 may bring more opportunity to put my thoughts on “paper” on a more regular basis. No doubt it is easier to list them for a “flashback” post given the lower number of posts that I can pick from but certainly there were some that worth a second highlight on what have passed us in 2011 and before we start in 2012

January 2011

  • As such as I hate to admit it, year 2010 has to be the year for BN – they seemed to get things just right
  • Despite the shortcoming, we should not disregard the the case for PR 100 days plan which they promised to execute if they able to take over Putrajaya in the next elections
  • Deutsch: Markt in Kota Bahru

    We were here in Kota Bahru but we came in late - the market was closed except for the chips section

    This must be one of the craziest we did in 2011 – probably ever – a trip to Kota Bahru and back all in one day

  • 2011 was the year I finally moved to the world of smartphones – not really an iPhone but something close

February 2011

  • An open letter to Datuk Suret Singh on why we still suck on lowering deaths on national roads
  • My car losing it’s braking powers during rush hours – one of the scariest thing that ever happened
  • I think I saw that a sign for me to change to a new car– my ride for the past 8 years and multiple improvements (and a still pristine paint work) will be greatly missed

    Malaysia Vasudevan

    Malaysia Vasudevan

  • The great Malaysia Vasudevan passed away – his voice, some say better than SP Bala will remain in our thoughts

March 2011

  • With crisis brewing in the Middle East, it’s high time to review our deep dependent on crude oil and look at more renewable ones
  • 2 main expenses for the month but only one I was glad to pay – the security tint on my new car and not the cost of pest control on the termites in the kitchen
  • Anwar’s Sex Video cropped up – just adding on the already overloaded dose of spices on the on-going Sodomy Part 2
  • My morning prayers that was disbanded later – too bad, my patience ran thin these days

April 2011

  • Japan had a devastating tsunami but more worrying for other countries was the dump of radioactive materials into the sea
  • Yuddham Sei

    One of the best movies in 2011

    Mysskin’s Yuddham Sei – I rate it to be one of the best Tamil movies for the year, after the previous venture called Anjathey

  • RPK made some interesting revelations – it puts BN back in good light and PR in a bad one
  • Sarawak had its state elections – despite the win, not all is good news for BN – certainly things are changing in East Malaysia, fueled by incidents of blatant corruption and grab of native lands
  • The worse case scenario for 1Email project – many asked who in the right mind will pay for an email when it is easier to get free ones of the net?
  • The Great Guru passed away but not before leaving a string of controversies – which is often the case when religion gurus make their grand exit

May 2011

  • It took them 10 years to do it but the demon is dead– so says US who found the “most wanted man on the planet” in a safe house next to Pakistan Army establishment
    Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

    the covert operation on Osama


  • The ugly issue of religion conversion allegations is up again – the problem is, it is up when there are far more important things to consider
  • One school system revisited – there is still plenty of work to be done to get our education system in the right path
  • I moved my movie reviews to separate blogs – it is more focus but it needs more regular updates

June 2011

  • What constitutes “best car service center”? Here’s my own set of criteria based on almost 8 years of driving and waiting in agony at car service centers

    Hadi Awang at the Bersih rally

    The crowd that turned out for Bersih

  • It was high time for Bersih 2.0 – elections in Malaysia has always been called to be fair and square but there is plenty of room for improvement and the need to plug the huge loopholes

July 2011

  • The fellow who talked a lot was missing from the scene where ordinary Malaysians walked for better election rules and processes
  • The royal commission found Teoh Beng Hock were driven to suicide by aggressive interrogation by the MACC – it was not the kind of news that the corruption busters want to have in light with poor perception by the public
  • The call for indelible ink rose again – this time with stronger case against the earlier proposed voting using the untested biometric verification system

August 2011

  • Race based resolution is bad news for the country and in late 2011, there is no end to it
  • My close encounters with idiots on 2 wheels continues – this certainly will not be the end of it
  • The Nokia N8 Phone

    The flagship phone for Nokia (before N9)

    Nokia released its major update todate for Symbian^3 powered N8 smartphone and although it still lacks behind iOS and Android, it was nonetheless a welcomed update

  • The prospect of generating own clean power at home looks very tempting – only if the start-up cost is lower and backup with some kind of funding for houseowners

September 2011

  • Is it due to a failure to listen or a lack of understanding of the actual situation on ground in Somalia? We certainly paid a high price for it
  • If lack of enforcement contributes to the high fatality on the road, the authorities should take some of the blame too
  • Will ISA be repealed for good? In view of the elections, Najib seems to moving in the right path but stopped short by saying that it will be end of such oppressive laws
  • The video “Undilah” makes a lot of people in power nervous – very nervous indeed

October 2011

  • Locally made Nasi Lemak 2.0 was good but was the personal attack on the Namewee was really warranted when reviewing the movie?
  • RIP Steve Jobs– it was an end of an era
    English: Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone...

    The man behind iPhone, iPad and iPod

    RIP Steve Jobs

  • This was the month when I was away on a trip to the Oriental Paris – it was cold though

November 2011

  • I was quite annoyed with the way certain award winning “budget” airline handled flight delays – I am sure they could have done better
  • The first write-up on what should be a series of posts on the trip to Oriental Paris

December 2011

  • More write-ups on pesky motorcyclists – ya, it does not end to the problem but the shortcomings should not be ignored as well
  • The new and growing menace in the country – the Nigerians was on spotlight once again by fellow bloggers
  • Closure for the year, we made the long overdue trip to Malacca and the A-Famosa fort – finally the mystery has been solved

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One for 2011

(One short post before the end of 2011 and start of 2012)

(Given the right conditions, shots taken with Nokia N8 can be damn good too. Click for higher resolution photos here)

2011 has been a slow year for this blog and I hope things will pick in 2012. On the onset, it looks like 2012 is going to be an interesting year – Mayan predictions aside, we expect to see a couple of things to happen next year. General elections is one but provided there is less of dirty politics on both sides (the critical question would be – can PR still retain Selangor and do better than 2008?), Anwar’s Sodomy 2 verdict (if there is no disruptions to the on-going trial and mayhem created by street protests), a possibly Bersih 3.0 (if the authorities screw things up before the elections), Proton launching their new global car (plenty of spyshots at Paul Tan), a couple of must-watch movies – I am waiting for The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers (ya, count The Hobbit as well), a couple of trips overseas (likely to be work related but educational I am pretty sure) and within Malaysia (planning for East Coast in particular), perhaps MACC catching a couple more of the big fish (the sea of NFC looks too tempting for catch of the year), my son going for swimming classes (finally, his wish comes true), a new addition to family, etc

In the meantime, happy holidays and Happy New Year for all – hopefully 2012 would be a fulfilling and rewarding year compared to 2011

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Time for New Car

(This has nothing to do with the below but it is something I already planned in late 2009 and I guess, it was a good sign that it is already time to make the change)

(The enhancements for Proton Persona SE, now called Elegance. Proton Persona have the right package for the right price but as a friend with Toyota Vios has told me – it is still a Proton and that itself says a lot on the quality of the end product. Image source: http://blog.mynothing.net)

When I “migrated” from motorcycle to car more than 8 years ago, I had originally intended my first car to be a cheap, second-hand car. There was plenty for me to learn back then and somehow it was impressed that I will knocking my car many times over during my learning stage – so better to buy something cheap for the time being. But when the day came to buy my car, I had a change of mind and decided to go for a brand new car and thankfully I did not knock much or got into serious accident in the last 8 years. For the first 5 years, the car was great and despite some factory created defects, it was almost trouble free.

In late 2009, my car was showing signs of deterioration – probably the limit of Malaysian cars. It was still getting me from point A to point B and it was still comfortable enough for long trips (especially with the self-improved NVH and sound system). And after a good car wash and under showroom lights, it is still in a pristine condition. But something was lacking – the space. As my son is growing up, I realize that taking 4 adults along with him was not an easy option. Before long, we realised that he needed his space too especially on long journeys.

Further, we have started to have problems fitting in the luggage into the smaller boot space. So, in late 2009, as I was away and had time to contemplate on what I am going to do in the next 1 – 2 years, I decided that 2011 would be the year when I will change my un-powered but very reliable car for something “better”. What I will be end up buying would dependant on how much I would saved up for my down payment.

In the meantime, I started Project Car to improve on my existing car so to buy time to save up enough for the new car and minimize the deterioration. The results have been rather impressive to some extent but at the end of the day, I know that I still need to “migrate” to a new car in 2011. It is inevitable. And before 2009 (I think it was sometime in 2007), I was talking to a friend who had just bought a new car and we talked about my expectation of the specs if I too decide to change car too.

Among others, it includes the following:-

  • Rear disc brakes (no matter what, drum brakes is a big NO, no matter which model, year, technology on the plate for at the end of the day, it is all depends on the skill of the mechanic who is working on the rear hubs)
  • ABS & EBD
  • Air-bags
  • At least 1.8L engine
  • Better suspension setup
  • And of course, more space (this means no hatchbacks and no more slamming of the back windscreen)

In recent months (especially after the trip to Kota Bahru recently), I have come to a conclusion that one does not really need a 1.8L or more engine for raw power – with advent of CVVT, VTEC and what not; even a 1.5L engine is powerful enough. Further, with an increasing fuel price, riding on a 1.8L (that may not run on RON95) may not be financially sound in the long run. But at the end of the day, budget will dictate what kind of car that is feasible to buy. Other niceties, if comes as the original package would be nice – sport rims, leather seats and sporty body-kits but I am wiling to do without for a new car – plenty of after-market accessories out-there.

(Toyota Vios looked sleek but at my budget, the specs was running on drum brakes and something about the center console looks out of place. Image source: Paul Tan)

And as I looking at the various model in the market, it is obvious just how much Malaysians are paying through their noses for basic and reasonably equipped cars. The disparity between “local made” cars and foreign cars – equipment to equipment – is simply too great. Is it due to local contents? Not really, there are models are assembled in Malaysia and they have foreign parts but that does not explain the RM20,000 – RM30,000 difference.

High price is one thing, quality level is another. And I think there is no need to highlight the bad record that Proton been having with its level of QC in the past, so let’s hope that have improved and quality of service have improved too. After considering my options, it boils down to Proton Persona and Proton Inspira (the other recommended model – Toyota Vios was too expensive and the lower spec was running on drum brakes). I struck off Perodua from my list – there were too many of them at home and I do not want to add another Perodua model. With two options at hand (I know I may getting myself in trouble with Proton again and risk long waits at the service centre) but I had to consider my budget as well.

(Proton got bad comments on their decision to rebadge Lancer and turn it into Inspira but to potential car purchaser, it makes a value buy considering the package in the car. Image source: http://cmos.textmalaysia.com)

Proton Inspira was great – despite it is more of a Mitsubishi Lancer rebadge model, it was well built and reasonably equipped. It had more powerful engine too (it is not Campro) and the interior looked bigger. But it is going to cost me in the long run – for example, annual road tax for Persona was RM90 whilst Inspira was going for RM279. Others may disagree – pay more now and see those parts last longer instead of pay less now and see those parts not lasting long (hence more money & time spent on service and replacements later). It is a dilemma indeed – cheaper cost of owning car vs driving a better built car.

Money wise, Proton Persona looks good as the car to go for although reviews on the net have been mixed.

Scariest Thing in 2011

Year 2011 is proving to be a very interesting year. Earlier this year, we did the craziest thing and last week, it proves to be the scariest.

(Faulty brake master pump early in 2011. Image source: http://modified.com)

But before I narrate what had happened, let me highlight what I had read in a magazine before Chinese New Year – an article about the Chinese horoscope for 2011. My zodiac was reported to be doing so-so in the Year of the Rabbit. Another article in a local daily shows that my star is going to be very lucky in this year. I guess different feng-shui master have their own interpretations for the Year of Rabbit. I guess the “being lucky” part played a big role on what happened last week.

Last week, I suppose to go over for a Chinese New Year open house. The function starts at 7.30 pm, so at 7.00 pm, I decided to pack up my things and drive to the place. Exiting the basement parking I contemplated on the route to take – there was one faster route but I don’t know what happened, I took the longer, heavy traffic route (I guess the hands was not listening to what the mind was thinking). As I got stuck in the traffic jam, I regretted taking this route – I wished I could u-turn back and go back to the faster route. The traffic hardly moved. Ahead I saw my opportunity to exit out from the current lane and head back to the faster route. I was anxious to get out from this heavy traffic jammed lane and head to the faster lane – I don’t want to be late for the function.

As I drive up further, I sense something not right. The brake felt somehow soft and unresponsive. The car stops but only after I had floored the brake pedal all the way to the end. The usual brake pressure was somehow missing. At first I thought it was due to the shoe that I was wearing that day but it was not it. As I was thinking about this problem, I realized that I had missed the exit to the faster lane and remained in the traffic jammed lane. But now, the problem was getting even more obvious – not only the brake was not working but there was a weird sound whenever I press on the pedals. But since the warning lights on the brakes did not lit up, I wondered what is causing the problem. A month ago, I had serviced my rear brakes and I wondered if the guys who worked on the brakes had done something wrong.

As I look back now, it must have been one of my luckiest day for if I had taken the faster route where I would been driving at 80 km/h and more, it would have been a disaster if I had to brake and there were  no brakes on my car. But now, with me stuck in the traffic jam and practically inching along the way, I was able to stop my car using whatever brake pressure I had and the handbrake. And by then, I was glad that I had serviced the brakes as well – with a tighter braking, gaps the car stops faster by means of friction. I knew that there was a car workshop nearby and I prayed that I could control the car just enough to reach this workshop safely and without knocking into anyone else. I kept driving slower although the traffic was now moving faster. I managed to do that but considering the time, I wondered if the workshop was still opened.

As I drove over to the workshop, I felt a sense of relieve – the workshop was still opened although the mechanics was packing up things inside the workshop. They came over and checked on my car – no leakage of brake fluids and the brakes was in good conditions. They, in the end, sourced the problem as coming from a faulty brake master pump. Then another problem cropped up – since I had modified my braking system to accommodate for a rear disc brake, they did not have the right parts and the spare part shop was already closed at that time. There was no other choice but leave car for the night since it was too dangerous to drive without brakes. Thankfully the next day was the weekend. I called my wife to come over and pick me up and rather reluctantly left the car at the workshop.

The next day I woke up late for I knew the workshop opens late and after breakfast, headed to the workshop. I noticed that the mechanics has dismantled the faulty brake master pump and was waiting for the replacement. Having nothing much to do at the workshop; I decided to go back and come later. Couple of hours later and after a good lunch; we headed back to the workshop. From far, I caught a glimpse of my car on the road, being tested and I knew that the problem has been solved. I went to the workshop and the mechanics told me that they have replaced the faulty brake master pump. I took it for a test run and found the brakes was very responsive and felt safe.

The total cost was RM180 including labor. Something rather cheap compared to the cost that I might have to pay if I had driven on the faster lane and slammed on several cars.

It is still too early to say if the Year of the Rabbit is the luckiest year for me but it has proven to be one of the scariest.

Flashback – 2010

Read past flashbacks:-


Welcome everyone!

It was a good 2 days holidays but not for rest – there were plenty to do for my son and for the house. I am pretty sure that everyone has plenty of things to look out for this year (I just heard my buddies cheated death serious injuries in the first week of 2011).

(One of the most unbelievable trip of the 2010 – me stepping into India for the 1st time despite promising to do in 2003)

2011 would be my 6th year of blogging (first at Blogger, now at WordPress)- could not believe that I held on for that long but wicked politicians from both end of the spectrum do provide enough motivations to continue writing. So, to kickoff things, let’s look back and see how the blog has progressed in 2010

January 2010

  • No thanks to an inconsiderate passenger, my laptop got damaged and caused my screen to turn to red
  • The fiasco with the word “Allah” put a huge dent in Najib’s 1Malaysia but there were other issues that was more important than fighting on who has the right on the name of God
  • Instead of dumping my old car and end up paying through the noses for monthly installments (for already inflated car price in Malaysia), I decided to start my project Car” to get my old car back in shape
  • Someone complained on how our international airport being not so “user friendly” but I begged to differ. Any airport in the world would be unfriendly to passengers who don’t do their homework and who afraid to ask

February 2010

  • It was God send effort to get the oppositions in the country to be united against the arrogant BN but of all the 3, PAS looked more worthy for all Malaysians
  • We may have lost the state of Perak through trickery and obvious disregard to the constitution and rule of law but that should not kept the oppositions from getting ready to win back Perak with a even bigger margin
  • I missed riding in old public buses – something I cherished when I was still small (I could not believe to get the old photo of Srijaya bus on the net!)
  • Major updates to my car that restored it to almost showroom condition but there is still a lot of work to do to get it right and make it more safe
  • My personal experience with hungry Malaysians during a wedding dinner – a hungry Malaysian is indeed a nasty Malaysian
  • There was an issue on whether Malaysians are getting quality, safe spare parts especially my personal experience with spare parts tells me that most of those who sell parts in small workshops in Malaysia are big time crooks – it does not kill you but you waste a lot of money in the process

March 2010

  • Talking about getting the safer & quality parts from the car maker themselves, Proton now has an online site to allow owners to purchase the genuine spare parts
  • Jamie Oliver knocked some sense to modern parents on teaching kids on eating the right food – high time we looked at this seriously with natural food getting “artificial” these days
  • A madman went on rampage in a kindergarten and went after 3 young children – it proves that the devil do exists among humans
  • The movie that was made to a fraction of the cost, Hurt Locker went to knock Avatar off to win the Best Picture at the Oscars. It was a well made movie (well, almost according to actual soldiers in the Middle East)
  • If you have a camera and you were at the right place and at the right time, you catch them in the act and post them online – that will help JPJ with the evidence they need to issue traffic summons
  • The case against Anwar Ibrahim started with Sodomy 2 but there were many who were unconvinced that the arguments to charge Anwar with the crime
  • Earth Hour 2010 descended on Malaysia again but the response this year was lukewarm. The understanding of the threats to the environment has not found a strong foothold among Malaysians and the authorities in 2010

April 2010

  • Najib came out with NEM that suppose to shoot Malaysia into a new level of high capacity country. There were interesting points but many still doubted Najib having the will power to implement NEM in the first place
  • Start of my snippet posts – at least I don’t have to do long posts and be out of time with the breaking news of the day
  • Acid test for MIC and Najib’s 1Malaysia and the promise to deliver the seat for BN. Kamalanathan of MIC came in for BN and Zaid in for PR and both had arguments for and against but at end of the day, BN went on to win the seat.
  • Human rights commission in Malaysia – unfortunately it lacked the bite to get the authorities to uphold the human rights in Malaysia. Hopefully 2011 will be a better year for them
  • There is two ways to get the drivers on the road more disciplined – one is by sudden change of attitude, which is not going to happen in a thousand years and another is by providing a stiffer punishment for law breakers. The Government made the wrong move by canceling RM1,000 fine
  • The new US100 bristling with new technologies and hi-tech security features – certainly it brings the ordinary but most used currency in the world into a whole new level

May 2010

  • A policeman shoots a boy who ran away from hit and run and on a stolen car too but the politicians been harping on wrong side of the issue
  • My first trip to India and I was rock-shocked with the modern city of Chennai – it was not something I had in mind when I thought of the trip in the first place
  • So much money spent to promote a politician’s wife – one strong reminder that wastage and blatant corruption will still be prevalent with BN still behind the pilot’s seats
  • Bought myself a cheap but feature rich, Malaysian made phone but at the end, it proved that it was nothing but a waste of money. Malaysian technology companies still have a long way to go with the issue of quality and robustness (they have the right ideas and enough creativity but that does not take them far)
  • The PM decided to buy votes with promises of development and money – a clear violation of the election rules

June 2010

  • Idris Jala raised the concern on Government subsidies and how the country may end up bankrupt by 2019. It had valid points but the sad part was the Government itself did not know to curtail the blatant use of public funds for unnecessary projects. Often it squeezes the people’s pockets than it’s own.
  • The year 2010 saw one of the world largest oil spill – a reminder that the planet was heading to a bad ending when humans cared less for mother nature. That did not make big news in Malaysia though.
  • Some Malaysians being busy bodies in other people’s backyard – frankly speaking, the Israelis armed forces should have arrested these buggers and throw them into the deep end of the dungeons – why? It is simply because we have been telling others to back off from our internal affairs
  • Foreigners are most welcomed in Malaysia but not when they end up as a menace and create nothing but trouble for others
  • I have been a die-hard fan of Goodyear tires from day 1 but Michelin Energy XM1 changed my mind
  • I decided to compile some of posts that came in series into one consolidated page for easy reference and easy reading
  • There been talk of cutting down of subsidies and curtail of corruption but the escalating cost of the new palace remind all of us that there are people out there who think that public funds need not be managed prudently and is for their taking.

July 2010

  • Plenty of Malaysian drivers who give a damn on long outstanding traffic summons and yet the Government have not come hard on this stubborn road offenders
  • After a bad experience with an over crowded car, I had to state my mind off on this matter but I don’t think it is going to change things further. I still get big size crowd waiting for my small sized car.
  • World Cup comes to an end and surprisingly the favorites, Brazil and Argentina kicked out before the the finals
  • Despite tainted with charges of corruption and public funds used to pay off bribes in name of commission, Malaysians were proud with the Navy’s new submarine but the Navy found themselves with a submarine that could not dive. That is very embarrassing indeed.
  • Some “fill-in-the-blanks” think that they can put their hands on public money saved from reduction of subsidies and used it for their personal mileage instead of channelizing back to the people
  • The world famous football club Manchester United ended up as an element of the devil and anti-Islam by some religious zealots right here in Malaysia and they still wonder why in some part of the world, the religion has a very bad name with others
  • Sarawak Report piling up on the pressure with the alleged corruption blatant, untouchable Chief Minister in the East and it has opened the second front on the war against corruption
  • I love World War 2 movies and I did a take on the top 5 World War 2 movies that I have seen – some of them are simply classics!
  • What is anti corruption agency in Malaysia and how effective it has been to root out the corruption from all levels of administration in this country? Actually based on the current track record and number of big fish caught, it has been nothing but shameful or we yet to see the best of them?

August 2010

  • I met an African who was flying over to Malaysia for a certificate in English and had all elements of deceit and fraud all over him – why fly to Malaysia when it is cheaper and better to get the same certificate from a nearby country?
  • After 3Idiots, this has to be one of the best, well made, logical Hindi movie made in recent years. It should be the framework on how businesses should be run and how they can close deals.
  • Not enough with stubborn road offenders, now we have stubborn and shortsighted opposition politicians who thinks that higher penalty for road offense is not fair but not fair to who? Law abiding road users or stubborn, hardcore traffic offenders?
  • The endless portrayal of one segment of race in Malaysia as the bogeyman by politicians who have hidden agendas, not a big surprise in the so-called 1Malaysia Malaysia. The slaying of the bogeyman would actually start when we slay race based political parties
  • More trouble in the East – certainly something is wrong in the East and despite overwhelming reports of corruption, MACC remains unmoved and silent.

September 2010

  • I got holes in my pocket when a mysterious SMS started to crop up – paid good money for blood sucking SMSes.
  • Well known Tamil movie actor, Murali and a well known singer, Swarna Latha passed away in 2010
  • Despite the threat of higher summons and that offending traffic users would be closely watched, there were still plenty of stubborn road offenders caught on camera – when they will ever learn?
  • An interesting fact on how strong we are attached to the Internet and what happens if we need to reboot the internet
  • 29th September 2010 was declared as World Rabies Day

October 2010

  • I bought some new books for my bookshelf
  • After an almost 4 years away from open source OS, I went back to Ubuntu Linux and I was impressed with the latest version
  • The year would not be complete without some news on unfair toll and compensations, Malaysians are still paying high to use highways either through toll collections or through compensations
  • A tale of 2 restaurants and how a difference in service and quality makes a big difference
  • It was a revolution in Malaysia – one member – one vote but by the time this was implemented by PKR, it was quite clear that PKR was not ready with the logistics and the outcome was tragic – it’s name got tarnished to the core and PKR lost some good men.

November 2010

  • One of the biggest, most expensive and anticipated Tamil movie of the year, Enthiran ended as a big disappointment when it came to storyline. We have learned our lessons – we probably give Shankar’s next movie a big miss unless he improves on the storyline
  • This was from TED on a new way to teach kids Maths and I was impressed how we need to change our ways of teaching and learning. TED keeps coming up with new way of looking at things in a current world scenario
  • Another update to the project “Car”, I added the Ultra Racing rear anti roll bar and my car flies without a sweat on corners
  • Danger whilst on the road does not come from other motorists but also from pedestrians namely low intelligence factory workers
  • I did not expect it but 2010 was the year I went “kojak” and I felt quite good about it although the slow growth of my hair is making me worried a bit

December 2010

  • One of the coolest sight on the highway for a very long time but at some parts, some of them was reckless which brought arguments for and against by the club members
  • 2010 could have been the year where I killed a pesky motorcyclist but I managed to keep a cool head and avoid them in time for my own best interest (I have done so much for the car that I did not risk any major damages)
  • Astro is finally more secured but key services are still not up yet
  • History should be a fact of what had happened in the past but in Malaysia, there is claims of distortion and mistakes in the history books
  • One of stupidest thing done by the Opposition todate – banning 1Malaysia despite being used for many years now
  • Best closure for the year Malaysian football winning the AFF Suzuki Cup

Hope 2011 will be better year…for the people and the country, not for the politicians