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Blogging 101: Flashback Of Blogging in Year 2011

Read past flashbacks (will try to find time to do one for the year 2005):-


Welcome back, everyone!

In 2011, I could only muster 93 posts for this blog – this compared to 206 posts in 2010. Perhaps 2012 may bring more opportunity to put my thoughts on “paper” on a more regular basis. No doubt it is easier to list them for a “flashback” post given the lower number of posts that I can pick from but certainly, there were some that worth a second highlight on what has passed us in 2011 and before we start in 2012

January 2011

  • As such as I hate to admit it, the year 2010 has to be the year for BN – they seemed to get things just right
  • Despite the shortcoming, we should not disregard the case for PR 100 days plan which they promised to execute if they able to take over Putrajaya in the next elections
  • Deutsch: Markt in Kota Bahru flashback

    This must be one of the craziest we did in 2011 – probably ever – a trip to Kota Bahru and back all in one day

  • 2011 was the year I finally moved to the world of smartphones – not really an iPhone but something close

February 2011

  • An open letter to Datuk Suret Singh on why we still suck on lowering deaths on national roads
  • My car losing it’s braking powers during rush hours – one of the scariest things that ever happened
  • I think I saw that a sign for me to change to a new car– my ride for the past 8 years and multiple improvements (and a still pristine paintwork) will be greatly missed

    Malaysia Vasudevan
    Malaysia Vasudevan
  • The great Malaysia Vasudevan passed away – his voice, some say better than SP Bala will remain in our thoughts

March 2011

  • With crisis brewing in the Middle East, it’s high time to review our deep dependent on crude oil and look at more renewable ones
  • 2 main expenses for the month but only one I was glad to pay – the security tint on my new car and not the cost of pest control on the termites in the kitchen
  • Anwar’s Sex Video cropped up – just adding on the already overloaded dose of spices on the on-going Sodomy Part 2
  • My morning prayers that was disbanded later – too bad, my patience ran thin these days

April 2011

  • Japan had a devastating tsunami but more worrying for other countries was the dump of radioactive materials into the sea
  • Yuddham Sei
    One of the best movies in 2011

    Mysskin’s Yuddham Sei – I rate it to be one of the best Tamil movies for the year, after the previous venture called Anjathey

  • RPK made some interesting revelations – it puts BN back in good light and PR in a bad one
  • Sarawak had its state elections – despite the win, not all is good news for BN – certainly things are changing in East Malaysia, fueled by incidents of blatant corruption and grab of native lands
  • The worse case scenario for 1Email project – many asked who in the right mind will pay for an email when it is easier to get free ones of the net?
  • The Great Guru passed away but not before leaving a string of controversies – which is often the case when religion gurus make their grand exit

May 2011

  • It took them 10 years to do it but the demon is dead– so says the US who found the “most wanted man on the planet” in a safe house next to Pakistan Army establishment
    Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer
    the covert operation on Osama


  • The ugly issue of religion conversion allegations is up again – the problem is, it is up when there are far more important things to consider
  • One school system revisited – there is still plenty of work to be done to get our education system in the right path
  • I moved my movie reviews to separate blogs – it is more focus but it needs more regular updates

June 2011

  • What constitutes “best car service centre”? Here’s my own set of criteria based on almost 8 years of driving and waiting in agony at car service centres

    Hadi Awang at the Bersih rally
    The crowd that turned out for Bersih
  • It was high time for Bersih 2.0 – elections in Malaysia has always been called to be fair and square but there is plenty of room for improvement and the need to plug the huge loopholes

July 2011

  • The fellow who talked a lot was missing from the scene where ordinary Malaysians walked for better election rules and processes
  • The royal commission found Teoh Beng Hock was driven to suicide by aggressive interrogation by the MACC – it was not the kind of news that the corruption busters want to have in light with poor perception by the public
  • The call for indelible ink rose again – this time with a stronger case against the earlier proposed voting using the untested biometric verification system

August 2011

  • Race-based resolution is bad news for the country and in late 2011, there is no end to it
  • My close encounters with idiots on 2 wheels continue – this certainly will not be the end of it
  • The Nokia N8 Phone
    The flagship phone for Nokia (before N9)

    Nokia released its major update todate for Symbian^3 powered N8 smartphone and although it still lacks behind iOS and Android, it was nonetheless a welcomed update

  • The prospect of generating own clean power at home looks very tempting – only if the start-up cost is lower and back up with some kind of funding for homeowners

September 2011

  • Is it due to a failure to listen or a lack of understanding of the actual situation on the ground in Somalia? We certainly paid a high price for it
  • If lack of enforcement contributes to the high fatality on the road, the authorities should take some of the blame too
  • Will ISA be repealed for good? In view of the elections, Najib seems to move in the right path but stopped short by saying that it will be the end of such oppressive laws
  • The video “Undilah” makes a lot of people in power nervous – very nervous indeed

October 2011

  • Locally made Nasi Lemak 2.0 was good but was the personal attack on the Namewee was really warranted when reviewing the movie?
  • RIP Steve Jobs– it was an end of an era
    English: Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone...
    The man behind iPhone, iPad and iPod

    RIP Steve Jobs

  • This was the month when I was away on a trip to the Oriental Paris – it was cold though

November 2011

  • I was quite annoyed with the way certain award-winning “budget” airline handled flight delays – I am sure they could have done better
  • The first write-up on what should be a series of posts on the trip to Oriental Paris

December 2011

  • More write-ups on pesky motorcyclists – ya, it does not end to the problem but the shortcomings should not be ignored as well
  • The new and growing menace in the country – the Nigerians was on the spotlight once again by fellow bloggers
  • Closure for the year, we made the long overdue trip to Malacca and the A-Famosa fort – finally the mystery has been solved

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