Trip to Amazing Chennai 2010: Part 3 – Limca Advertisement

chennai limca soft drink

One thing about watching TV in Chennai is watching creative ads. And one of the ads that stand up among the many ads in the many TV channels is the Limca Ad.

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Motorsport 101: What is Malaysian F1 Team Deadly Cost?

formula 1 F1 formula one motorsport

(It is not cheap to run an F1 team even for winning teams and they need to keep winning races if they expect good sponsorship to cover their expenses every year – Image source: Forbes)

There are pros and cons to the Government’s latest adventure into Formula 1 (F1). We thought we had a taste of F1 with Petronas’ involvement with Sauber, BMW and Mercedes and with our own Alex Yoong in the driver’s seat but in the Malaysia Boleh spirit, we are getting ourselves one notch up in this very expensive sport

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Advertisement 101: Funny Squeaky Mentos Shoe Advertisement

kabul advertisement mentos

Found an interesting advertisement on Mentos when I was away.

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Banned XBOX 360 Ad?

Once in a while, a great advertisement on gaming comes along and just blows us away. In reality, the hardcore computers gamers (like me) are at time living life as it is in the ad below. Enjoy it (from www.
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How about this for a “good” resume?

This is part of an attachment that I got in my inbox today. Probably you have seen it before. It is funny whilst at the same time unbelievable. Someone had a great sense of humour!

There was a note attachment mentioning that it is from the Financial Post (Toronto) dated 23rd February 2001.

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Advertisement 101: Tailgating, A Great Advertisement in Astro

car crash tailgating advertisement driving

Tailgating – some idiots do it on a daily basis. Image source: The Sun

They have little consideration on the safety of others. Anyone who saw this advertisement in Astro must have appreciated the great message that the advertisement was trying to convey – don’t tailgate. But a quick look at the advertisement reveals other important lessons too.

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