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Advertisement 101: Funny Squeaky Mentos Shoe Advertisement

kabul advertisement mentos

Found an interesting advertisement on Mentos when I was away.

Afghanistan is quite near to India and most Afghans love Indians, so I was told. So, it is not a big surprise to see most of the TV programs to be coming from India including Star World, Star Movie and HBO – all Indian version. And being an Indian version, you get to see Indian advertisements – some is in English and others in Hindi.

Coming from Malaysia where there is hardly any advertisement where there are any Indians (there are some but not in a prominent role – Petronas ads are an exception though), it is refreshing to see advertisement where the lead actress is in saree or other Indian traditional clothes and Indian music in the background.

There are some serious advertisements but my favourite are the funny ones (especially the excellent ones from Mentos India) –

YouTube player

There is more, over at Youtube – one titled Mistake at Hair Saloon (where a young barber accidentally shaves off a portion of the hair when he sneezed) and another titled Late for Class (where the young student is late for class and asked to leave when he tried to sneak in).


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