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How about this for a “good” resume?

This is part of an attachment that I got in my inbox today. Probably you have seen it before. It is funny whilst at the same time unbelievable. Someone had a great sense of humour!

There was a note attachment mentioning that it is from the Financial Post (Toronto) dated 23rd February 2001. You may want to enlarge it to see it clearer but this is what is says:-

Employment Wanted

Former Marijuana Smuggler

Having successfully completed a ten year sentence, incident-free, for importing 75 tons of marijuana into the United States, I am now seeking a legal and legitimate means to support myself and my family

Business Experience

Owned and operated a successful fishing business, multi-vessel, one airplane, one island and processing facility. Simultaneously owned and operated a fleet of tractor-trailer trucks conducting business in the western United States. During this time, I also co-owned and participated in the executive level management of 120 people worldwide in a successful pot smuggling venture with revenues in excess of US$100 million annually. I took responsibility for own actions, and received a ten year sentence in the United States while others walked free for their cooperation


I am an expert in all levels of security; I have extensive computer skills, am personable, outgoing, well-educated, reliable, clean and sober. I have spoken in schools to thousands of kid and parent groups over the past ten years on “the consequence of choice, and received public recognition from the RCMP for community service. I am well-traveled and speak English, French and Spanish. References available from friends, family, the U.S. District Attorney, etc

Looks familiar? Now comes the twist – read here to know the real story behind the above ad? Guess what, it is inspiring too.

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