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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 28 April 2021

snippet professor kamarul zaman yusoff Mahathir Shah Alam Dr M

News snippet – Still remember this so-called Professor Kamarul Zaman who in 2018 was one of three panellists and was criticising and stressing why Dr M should not be a Prime Minister.

It was reported that the Professor wetted himself (which the Professor strongly denies) when Dr M gatecrashed the Shah Alam event and posted on Twitter “I am here guys. Say it to my face.” Well, he is back with wild allegations of veiled religious conversion by using charity. Image source: Malaysiakini.

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Blogging 101: Time to move from the Classic Editor

wordpress blogging

With blogging on WordPress, I always knew that this day would come even though I’m on a self hosted site. I guess it’s time for me to let go the Classic Editor and embrace the new Block Editor.

With the introduction of the Block editor, the Classic Editor was set for retirement at the beginning of June.

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