Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 22 December 2020

snippet highland tower landslide

News snippet – Highland Tower condominium tragedy happened 27 years ago on 11th December 1993 and it was one of the worst tragedies in the country. 48 people died from the said tragedy – a tragedy that should not have happened. Image source: The Star

[Click to read the rest] “Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 22 December 2020”

The Dreadful & Inactive Persatuan


(The familiar facade of almost every Persatuan in residential areas in this country.  But setting this up and running it on a regular basis is not easy. Image source: TheStar)

I guess it is high time I stop apologizing for not doing up my blog post and I did consider ending the good old days of blogging for once and for all.… [Click to read the rest] “The Dreadful & Inactive Persatuan”

Temple Fiasco Revisited

Almost a year ago, I talked about the temple fiasco faced in the state of Selangor and the latest protest by Section 23 residents had somehow prompted me to revisit this delicate issue

In my post titled ‘Temple Fiasco & MP Resigning”  I laid down 6 steps that the state government could look at when dealing with the many Hindu temples in the state.… [Click to read the rest] “Temple Fiasco Revisited”

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