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There is an on-going “tussle” between the resident association committee members and some of the residents at my housing area.

(Some committees are better than others – Image of USO Committee Members in the 1940s. Source: http://www.memorial.ecasd.k12.wi.us)

When I moved to my new house, the developer provided security guards – standard practice in many new housing areas. Unfortunately most of the guards are found sleeping on the job, especially during the night and wee morning – another standard practice.

Several months later, the security service was pulled back. Once there are no security guards at the main entrance at the housing area, the usual nonsense started to happen – cars got stolen and houses broken into. So, a couple of the residents got together and decided to hire security guard and for this reason, a makeshift resident association was formed with some of the “founding” members as the committee members. This got to a promising start – we had a resident gathering with representatives from the local authority and developer and the local ADUN attending. The resident association did some survey on the security needs and appointed a security service.

The security quality got better – with 24 hours security provided and loopholes to the housing areas fenced up, we were safe enough to leave the main gates open. At night, the security guards make frequent rounds the housing area.

Then a couple years ago, the resident association went inactivate – no meetings, no news, no updates – probably because everyone got too busy. At the same, the quality of security service was also dropping. Some of the residents who confronted the resident association did not get pleasant reply. Other issues with resident association cropped up and have come to a crossroad and the victim of this on-going displeasure between the residents and resident association is going to be the security service. Many of them had opted not to pay the monthly security fees in protest (there are unproven claims of mis-approportion of funds flying around in the net).

Protest is one thing but this impacts the contractual payment to the security company. With less collection, the security company have started to make noise due to lower payments – they may pull out if the situation continues to degrade (who want to work for free?). The good thing is a lot of other residents are “waking up” to the problem and been raising their concerns. A big majority of residents wants to the security service to continue.

Presently the situation is at a stand-still. In the end, I guess we may “bypass” the current resident association and created own our resident association with different set of committee members. And if you are thinking what I am thinking, you are right – it is going to end like another “2 MB, 2 Speakers” fiasco in Perak.

Who ever said buying a house was easy?

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