Outbreak 2021: State of Selangor – Absurd High Virus Infection, Low Vaccination Rates

COVID19 MCO Selangor Infection

Today Malaysia recorded 6,075 new COVID19 infections, with 2,251 of the cases was from the State of Selangor which had continued to be the state with the highest number of cases for the last few months. Infographic source: Malay Mail.

It is said that there is a sudden increase in the number of cases due to the Selangor State Government’s initiation to open numerous testing centres in the state.… [Click to read the rest] “Outbreak 2021: State of Selangor – Absurd High Virus Infection, Low Vaccination Rates”

Religion 101: Religion Rumours, Here We Go Again!

I really wonder whether we will ever cross the finishing line to be a developed country if highly political, religion and seditious matters are played on public grounds on regular basis, turning one Malaysian against another based on hearsays, political hidden agendas and highly charged emotions.


(It is ok to fight for one’s religion and beliefs but it should be a fight for the betterment of mankind and not be used for political means.[Click to read the rest] “Religion 101: Religion Rumours, Here We Go Again!”

Who’s Money, Bro?

(Will Putrajaya makes decisions that will benefit Malaysians as whole or make decisions solely based on political standing of the State Governments? Image source: http://mir.com.my)

Another case of Federal Government helping out the politicians at State level based on their political affliction.

From theStar:-

The Federal Government will provide matching grant to Sarawak’s Barisan Nasional MPs and assemblymen on whatever financial aid they receive from the state government next year.

[Click to read the rest] “Who’s Money, Bro?”
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