Outbreak 2020: Novel Coronavirus Situation As At 13th February 2020 0 (0)


There has been a huge spike of virus infection in recent days. The 2019-nCoV virus (now known as COVID-19) situation as at 13th February 2020: 1,489 dead, 6,984 recovered and 64,268 confirmed cases. Since 8th February 2020, the number of deaths has increased by another 675 deaths.

Compared to 8th February 2020, the fatality rate as at 13th February 2020 had increased from 2.17% to 2.32% but the recovery rate had improved from 7.77% to 10.87%. The number of confirmed cases in Malaysia unfortunately had also increased from 16 cases to 19 confirmed cases but without any fatality (Singapore also saw an increase from 40 to 58 cases todate). Image source: The Center for Systems Science and Engineering

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