Outbreak 2020: Malaysia Breaking 10,000 COVID19 Case Thresholds

COVID19 Outbreak Health Malaysia KKM

Malaysia is under the 2nd wave of COVID19 infection wave – from a single-digit infection at one point mostly from returning Malaysians; it has now increased by 2 digits in recent days. This is not a good trend. Image source: DG, Ministry of Health

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National Security 2020: Using Military Asset To Keep One Eye On Intrusions

RMN frigate military intrusion

When it comes to guarding the illegal refugees, illegal fishermen and terrorists from intrusions of the borders of this nation, one can say that the Malaysian military such as RMN has been done rather quite well. Of course, there are some shortcomings in the form of coordination enforcement and equipment that need to be fine-tuned. Image source: Wikipedia

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Democracy 101: The King And I


(Yul Brynner as the majestic King of Siam in the classic movie King and I – he was born to play the role. Can you image what would have happened if a group of people walked up to the palace and demanded the King of Siam to be replaced with their “a bit-lost” leader? They would have arrested immediately and hanged for high treason. Image source: http://www.doctormacro.com)

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