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Space 101: High Tech, Impressive Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover

Perseverance mars rover nasa space 2020

When it comes to space exploration and in particular the Mars (the famed Red Planet), an important event scheduled to take place next month in July 2020 – NASA’s 5th MARS rover is scheduled to be launched and is expected to land in MARS on February 2021. Information & Image Sources: Wikipedia & NASA & JPL

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Before You Can Reach for Space, Learn to Grow Up First

Read these first:-


(Space exploration – this is where the future lies and we need to look beyond, move beyond our comfort zone. Image source:

Well, let’s read this interesting piece of development when it comes to the direction of the nation:-

Malaysia now has a National Space Policy to allow the country to look into developing technologies related to aerospace and turn it into a new economic contributor.

With the policy in place, authorities can plan to develop this sector systematically and ensure it is well managed so that the nation will benefit from it.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that fields related to space science, be it research or creating new technologies, have vast potential and he was confident that Malaysia could become a significant contributor to the world in these areas.

The Prime Minister said he was happy to read about the success story of astrophysics PhD student Nurul Adlyka Ainul Annuar, whose discovery in the field of astronomy made headlines around the world.


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Space 101: Next Stop, The Illusive Red Planet?

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Are we on target to visit the Red Planet? Given the state of the country as at now, you can safely say that when we celebrate the year 2020, this country would not have achieved the status of a “developed country”. So Dr M’s Vision 2020 will remain a vision and will not become a reality, at least in 2020.

For one, religion had taken precedent in key areas of the country and have caused a mismatch of priorities. Instead of us busy with human resource development and preparing the country for a “developed” status, we are busy on which law to use and how holy or religious one must be.

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