Military 101: The Agile, Beloved F-5E The Tiger II Fighter

RMAF TUDM F-5E Freedom Fighter

(Small, sleek, agile but seriously packed with a powerful punch, Northrop’s F-5E Tiger II – the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s first supersonic fighter jet and the first that was considered as the most advanced fighter jet in its inventory in the 1970s and 1980s. Image of the F-5F the two-seater variant source: Wikipedia)

I always have the special fondness when it comes to the military especially when it is related Malaysian military.… [Click to read the rest] “Military 101: The Agile, Beloved F-5E The Tiger II Fighter”

Project Management 101: Camp Bastion: Deconstructing A Formidable Fortress

camp bastion project management military base afghanistan

For those project managers out there, this is an interesting case study of deconstructing Camp Bastion (now known as Camp Shorabak) which was the key British and American forces base in the province of Helmand, Afghanistan and was constructed in several phases starting from 2005 and was formally handed over to the Afghan forces on 26th October 2014.… [Click to read the rest] “Project Management 101: Camp Bastion: Deconstructing A Formidable Fortress”

National Security 2020: Recent Intrusion of Chinese ships in Malaysian Waters


(The potential flashpoint for the next regional war is in the South China Sea where in recent years, the Chinese Government has been very aggressively building naval bases complete with missile launch silos, gun emplacements, radar stations, communications towers, runways for heavy bombers and helipads. Photo source: The Sun UK)

Recently the Chinese Government sent 8 doctors to assist our Ministry of Health on the war to contain and improve the recovery from COVID-19 infections.… [Click to read the rest] “National Security 2020: Recent Intrusion of Chinese ships in Malaysian Waters”

MH370: Time to Reassess the Shortcomings


(Substitute the chill beer, wine and other liquors on a board with locally made, sugar high cendol and a plane is guaranteed not to crash into the sea – so says a joker in Malaysia. Perhaps he is right but then again this is not the right time and the place to say these things.[Click to read the rest] “MH370: Time to Reassess the Shortcomings”

Snippets – 17 June 2010

Fishy Assets

(The photo of the alleged multi million complex belonging to politician’s family – with a big question – where the money to purchase / construct them came from? Image source: Sarawak Report)

Will MACC investigate this further?

As I mentioned before, we don’t mind politicians in office are entitled for some privileges and perks (for some, outriders and government houses) for the time and effort spent by them.… [Click to read the rest] “Snippets – 17 June 2010”

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