Elections 101: Sorry Excuse of Lack of Maturity on UNDI18

UNDI18 Election Malaysia Youth

UNDI18 is presently being raised as a critical issue in the country and rightfully too. After all, one can say that age is just a number and does not necessarily reflect the level of wisdom and maturity. Image source: Pinterest

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Outbreak 2021: What We Can Learn From Recent Thaipusam Fiasco?

Batu Caves Thaipusam Old Photo Religion Hindu Malaysia

What signifies Thaipusam celebrations in Malaysia? If you are in Klang Valley, it will be a trip to Batu Caves and climb up 272 steps all the way up to the caves with a kavadi. An image of Batu Caves in the 1950s. Image source: Astro Ulagam

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Outbreak 2020: Stupidity When the Law Is Seriously Clear

covid19 stupidity minister politicians law

(The law is equal to all – in other words, there is no one above the law so the application of the law to anyone would need to be the same. But in reality, there seems to be some inequality when it comes to enforcing the law. Image source: Facebook) 

The problem with some politicians in the country is that once they have broken a law, instead of accepting that they have knowingly or unknowingly broken the law and apologising and taking the punishment under the law, they lie and try to cover it up with dumb excuses.… [Click to read the rest] “Outbreak 2020: Stupidity When the Law Is Seriously Clear”

Religion 101: Hudud – 1 Country, 2 Sets of Laws


(Hudud – should Islamic law take over precedent over conventional law if the conventional already exist and been applied by the courts of the country? Why not improve on the existing laws and enforce it instead of bringing in another set of law that does not apply to all? Why reinvent the wheel?[Click to read the rest] “Religion 101: Hudud – 1 Country, 2 Sets of Laws”

Honouring Agreements

A promise is a cloud, fulfilment is rain (an Arabian Proverb)

(Are we going to keep crossing fingers when making promises – image source: www.cipicchia.wordpress.com)

Are we into the habit of breaking agreements so openly now? Breaking promises that we once swear to keep and uphold?

If you have been reading the news or the blogsphere lately, you will notice that there has been some issue with the Federal Government not honouring past agreements.… [Click to read the rest] “Honouring Agreements”

Mission to ‘Mars’

Let’s state the obvious…

(Politicians and soiled diapers need to be changed often and for the same reason – cartoon source: http://davies.lohudblogs.com)

We elect politicians into office so that they can be our servants and not to be our masters.

We elect politicians so that they can make the best deal for the rakyat, not to make best deal for themselves.… [Click to read the rest] “Mission to ‘Mars’”

Politics 101: Pakatan Rakyat: DAP-PKR-PAS “mudah lupa”!


(Can the 3 be united for Malaysia sake? Poster source: Mob’s Crib)

Well, well, it looks like it is going to be a long night for fellow Malaysians.

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