Money 101: Best Things I Bought Via Online Shopping Part 2

online Leagoo M8 smartphone

Continuing with the best things that I have bought online, one of the best things that unfortunately did not last long is cheap China-made smartphones and smartphone covers.

One of the fine examples is Leagoo M8 smartphone which I bought online for RM263.20 and that was for a kill considering the phone’s specifications. In the end, I had to replace this phone as it got outdated and it had problems with the screen sensors. Image source: Mesramobile

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BMF: Boycott This Instead!

Read These First:-


(A notice is posted at a retail outlet in Seoul on July 12, 2019, stating that it is neither selling nor buying Japanese products. A boycott campaign of Japanese goods is spreading in response to Japan’s recent curbs on exports of key chemicals to South Korean semiconductor and display manufacturers. Image Source: Yonhap News Agency)

In recent days, this has been a hot topic on the news – there has been a campaign for Muslims to boycott products made by non Muslims (it has mellowed down to Buy Muslim Products First).

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