Chennai Trip – Conclusion 0 (0)

(Been lagging lately due to work and other assignments and holidays)

(The Chennai International Airport’s departure area – brightly lighted and well furnished but the crowd can still give you an headache. Sorry, no photos of the secured areas – the officers looked too menacing and strict)

I kind of have forgotten to do the conclusion for this post, so here is it…

The trip to Chennai came to a quick end for my wife – she did not have enough of the shopping but as far as I was concerned, I was looking for a safe return back to Malaysia.… Click to read the rest

Doing Up Series 0 (0)

(Steve Job’s same style of shirt, jeans and shoes over the years – this looks like a series too. Image source:

Well, sometimes I am full of creativity juice that I can write a lot – simple “yes or no” email ends up becoming one page detail analysis. I do try to keep things simple and easy but once I get too excited, I do tend to forget to limit my words.… Click to read the rest

A Quick Guide to Star Trek – Part 1 0 (0)

“I refuse to believe that the afterlife is run by you, Q. The universe is not so badly designed!” (Captain Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generations episode Tapestry)

star trek

The best starship manned by the best crew and led by the best captain in the Federation – Star Trek: The Next Generations (ST: TNG) and Star Trek Voyager (VOY) was one of my favourite TV shows in the 1990s.… Click to read the rest

CSI: MY (ala Gerak Khas) 0 (0)

(We all learned something from watching the CSI series. Image source:

After we had CSI, CSI:Miami and CSI: NY, I am pretty sure that our local production houses will one day try to have our very own CSI version promptly known as CSI: MY or PJT (Penyiasatan Tempat Jenayah).… Click to read the rest