Indian Cinema 101: Blatant Mockery of Military Tactics in Wild Dog 2021

military uri surgical strike tactics movie hindi

Every movie regardless it is romantic, action, war or comedy, there must be a sense of good storyline and when it comes to action or war, there must be a good use of tactics. If it involves the military, then we expect nothing but the very best when it comes to tactics, skills, strategy and use of specialised weapons.

Just look at the tactics and weapons used in the 2019 blockbuster – Uri: The Surgical Strike. They even got the badges and stripes on the uniform just right. Image source: Bollywood Hungama.

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Outbreak 2021: Idiots Throwing Social Distancing Out Of Window

social distancing COVID19 health

A new norm given this pandemic is always washing hands, wearing a mask and of course, keeping social distancing. In most cases, it is mandatory to maintain this to avoid further infections of COVID19. Infographic source: Statista

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Attitude 101: Avoidable Accidents Happens When No One Gives a Damn

accident facebook pesky motorcyclist

accident facebook pesky motorcyclist

A few days ago, a Facebook page called “DashCam Owners Malaysia” for obvious reasons uploaded an accident video that shows a lady motorcyclist casually crossing several lanes without even looking to her right for the on-coming traffic.

Rightfully and deservingly she was hit by a car causing her to fly and fall in front of the car. See the grab shots from the video – it is clear that she is in great pain after the accident but most of the commentators on Facebook agreed that she well deserved it.

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Outbreak 2020: Stupidity When the Law Is Seriously Clear

covid19 stupidity minister politicians law

(The law is equal to all – in other words, there is no one above the law so the application of the law to anyone would need to be the same. But in reality, there seems to be some inequality when it comes to enforcing the law. Image source: Facebook) 

The problem with some politicians in the country is that once they have broken a law, instead of accepting that they have knowingly or unknowingly broken the law and apologising and taking the punishment under the law, they lie and try to cover it up with dumb excuses. This despite the SOP provided by the Ministry of Health is crystal clear on the matter.

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Outbreak 2020: Time to Lock Up Really Stupid People!!

stupid covid19 virus

Seriously, despite the obvious implications, there are still really stupid people out there who not only endanger themselves with their stupidity but also endanger others with massive infections. They have become as dangerous as the COVID19 virus which had killed more than 700,000 people around the world. Don’t they read and watch the news? Are these people just plain stupid? Image source: LifeHack

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Outbreak 2020: Darren Cronian – Thank You Malaysia!!

outbreak covid19 malaysia statnews graph

The situation of the outbreak in Malaysia as at 13th July 2020 is firmly under the control and yet we must continue our vigilant and keep the number of cases under close monitoring. Graph source: Stat News

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Lockdown in Malaysia 2020: Day 24 – Have We Tested Enough People For Coronavirus?


We are indeed living in a new era where we saw medical science becoming the forefront of helping millions of people around the world to be tested, contain & recover from a deadly virus outbreak although unfortunately as to todate 89,900 people have died from the coronavirus.

On the other hand, stupidity & religion has caused so much mess & a surge of new infections in many countries in the last 2 months. Cartoon source: DowntoEarth.Org

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MH370: The Side Show

It is going to be a week since MH370 went missing and yet, we have not lost hope…

Whilst the whole world is anxiously waiting for any positive news for the missing MH370 and the relatives, friends and the Government of the missing passengers have strongly expressed their dissatisfaction with the sometimes contradictory and lack of information coming out from Malaysia, they are unfortunately had to deal with this:-

[youtube=]… [Click to read the rest] “MH370: The Side Show”

Religion 101: Daily Mantras, The Powerful Morning Prayers

(They say that we remember better if we put things down in writing and repeat it on a daily basis in form of a mantra)


(One in the morning before leaving the house. Image source:

Bung Mokhtar may be stirred up a hornet’s nest with this but frankly speaking, there is some truth with what he has said. But let’s not muddle the matter even more – we can find idiots on both sides of the gender groups.

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Enforcement 101: When Perak Pakatan Rakyat Defend Criminals

perak speaker pakatan rakyat

(It is already bad for Pakatan Rakyat politicians for already losing the State of Perak no thanks to self-centred frogs, do you want to lose the support of the people too ah? Stop supporting the criminals otherwise, you will never gain the trust of the people. Image source: Malaysiakini)

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