Car DIY 101: A Beaten Up Viva Bumper

Viva culprit

(The innocent looking fellow down there is the culprit for the damaged Viva bumper – sorry, in reality I was the culprit but that fellow did considerable damage)

The second car in the house have been my wife trusted workhorse for her to go to the market, clinic and sometimes to her sisters’ house whilst I am at work. It becomes even more critical whenever I am away overseas. On the weekends, I often use it to go to the nearby shop – namely because I am lazy to take out my car and it is easier to park the smaller car.

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Travelling 101: Pushing Nimble Viva Up North

viva car wife taiping north

We were clearly able to pick up speed to 100 kilometres per hour on the highway but it comes with a problem – stability. Perodua Viva do not come with the Lotus DNA, unlike the other national cars.

It has been in our plans to have at least 2 cars at home which will serve a different purpose and the addition of the small Perodua Viva was just considering the time. And once we have cleared the first 1,000 kilometres service, we decided on a drive up North and we took the Viva instead the usual bigger car.

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Human Relationship 101: 12 Sad Ways Men Became Sissies & Whiners

men human

This one is for all the men out there – how more macho can a man can get? Picture source: www.huhny.de/categories/20-Bilder

This was something I stumbled on the net was at the AskMen.com – the website dedicated to men when I came across this article by the one and only Mr Mafioso. It was titled “12 Ways Men Became Sissies & Whiners”. In this article, M says that women want a man who will act like a man, who will take charge, who can make decisions, who doesn’t cry, and who faces fear.

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