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Health 101: Getting into shape


Let’s get things right… round is a shape. So when people ask me to get in shape, I tend to ignore them. I was already in “shape”. How I could not be? There were too many temptations. After all, Malaysia was blessed with rich variety of food and drinks. My previous attempts to go on diet were just futile. I sit the whole day during the work (except the occasional trip to the toilet and pantry). I finish work late leaving little time for jogging or workout at the gym (let me tell about it some other time)

I continued my “enjoy life to the fullest” attitude until one of my friends was diagnosed with diabetes and had to have his small toe cut off. Little he knew that he was a turning point for me. It hit me hard. What have I been doing all this time? I went back home and stood in front of mirror going through the roundness of my body. It was in shape all right but in bad shape. I weighted at that time 94 kg. I kept thinking to myself: “Was I the next to go?” Ok, it is now or never. I had no choice but to take drastic actions.

  1. First to go was my usual breakfast: nasi lemak and roti canai (this was the most difficult part). In its place was a bowl of Quaker Oats in the morning
  2. Next was reduction of intake of oily food and more intakes of vegetables
  3. My dinner time was rescheduled from 9.30 pm to at the latest: 7.30 pm. At night before sleep and if I am hungry, I would have a cup of green tea and sometime fruits
  4. I started on yoga in place of heavy exercise (at the gym). It is simple to do: lay flat on the floor, carry the legs up to 90 degrees and hold it for at least 10 minutes. There were other minor exercises like sit-ups and brisk walking. I also use the staircase more often to give the heart the extra pump.

The result? Within 1 week I started on this new phase, I lost 3 kgs. Based on my ideal BMI (body mass index), I should lose at least 17 kgs. Whether I can do or not, it is yet to be seen.

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