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Gambling 101: Striking Jackpot RM12.7 million


The heat is on for 6/49 Sports Toto Jackpot now standing at RM12.7 million. The fever is everywhere with small time punters dreaming of striking the big one. The fever has not escaped my office and already there are “consortiums” to pool the money to purchase the tickets. I would not deny it; I am also part of a “consortium” hoping to strike the big one myself.

A trip to the local Toto shop last week reveals a queue longer than usual with almost everyone betting on the 6/49. This includes the “locals” from Bangladesh and Indonesia who probably hoping to strike big, enough to be a multi-millionaire back home. I don’t bet that much even with the RM12.7 million prize money dangling in everyone’s mind. I stick to my RM2 bet every week. If God wanted me to strike rich, I am sure that He will give the opportunity when the time comes. I am amazed of some of the punters who without any sweat (or regret) betting for RM50 or RM100 or more. Some of them are evidentially poor and I can see a glimmer of hope in their faces when they leave the shop after their bet. Some are already dreaming of driving their luxury car as they head back home.

Then again, we will never know…RM12.7 million is temptation hard to resist.

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