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Personal 101: Keeping My Car Under A Close Surveillance

I lost my sleep! Had a sleep over at my cousin’s house and conveniently parked my car right in front of his house. My cousin asked me to park at back of the house because:-
  • He was worried that someone might hit my car as my car was parked beside the main road (there have been such incidents previously)
  • Just a week ago, his neighbor who parked his car in front of his house along the same road, woke up in the morning to find all his 4 car tires missing (along with expensive rims!). The police suspected it was the work of Indonesians stealing for “besi buruk”

I was not comfortable parking my car at back of his house either because it was dark and easy for strangers to come and go (my cousin even admitted that someone tried to break into his house from the back. I decided to park the car in the front where I can keep an eye on it.

It was 1.30 am when I went to sleep…

I woke at 2.30 am when I heard some sound in the front. I started to panic and opened the window to check. There was no body near my car. I was worried that someone might to try to do something to the car. So, I could not sleep after that.

I woke up to check on my car every 30 minutes (CIA surveillance style) and this went on until it was 7.30 am.

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* My car at 2.30 am (had the tires on) – view from my bedroom window

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* My car at 7.30 am (thankfully STILL had the tires on) – felt happy and relieved

I did not sleep for 6 hours because I was dead worried about my car. I guess this will be my last trip to my cousin’s house. I cannot afford to do another surveillance on the car

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