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Attitude 101: Observing Private College Students


During my lunch time, I was going down (in a lift) with a group of college students (the college is couple of floors away from where I am working). Since I had the time (the lift was stopping at almost every floor), I could not help analysing the “future” of our nation….

Boy 1 – wearing a suit but with a crooked tie. Looked sophisticated but almost every sentence he talked had the word “tiu” in it (So much for wearing smart)

Boy 2 – Must have been a tech geek because he holding a laptop with the wires tangled at all over the place. He had hard time holding the laptop and the wires but confidently talking to the girl next to him while making gestures to show that he is holding a laptop (Show off because he could have carried the laptop in a laptop case but he didn’t).

Boy 3 – Must be a chain smoker. Saw couple of brand of cigarettes in his pocket and was asking his friend “Dei, f@#ker, do you have Dunhill or not?” (Another success of the “Tak Nak Rokok” campaign)

Girl 1 – For every sentence in English, she adds French words here and there. Sounds impressive but her friends keeps asking her “what that (the French word) means?” (why bother talking in a foreign language if people don’t understands you, duh)

Girl 2 – Talking to a foreign student…”how do you say lunch in Bangladesh?” “How do you say Coca Cola in Bangladesh?” “How do you say fried rice in Bangladesh?”…and so until the lift reach the ground floor (At least now I know what she is going to have for lunch. By the way, Coca Cola in Bangladesh is Coca Cola)

I am pretty sure that these students are the not the ones turned down by PSD for scholarships. They have their parents to cover their cost at private colleges.

By the time, we reached the ground floor; I lost the appetite for lunch and just opted for sandwich and mineral water

Private college students these days… sigh

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