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Obesity issue getting bigger

Malaysia faces a truly weighty problem – there could be 4.4 million adults who are overweight or obese by 2020. A nine-year study also shows that Indians are most overweight, followed by Malays and Chinese.

Oh dear, why I am not surprised that Indians are most overweight. I took some drastic measures myself to reduce weight and managed to reduce 4 kg todate (but unable to go far).

The way I see it, the reasons for Indians having an overweight problem is as follows:-

  • Late dinner time. Indians are the only one who has a very dinner late at night (I had once 5 course dinner at 12.30 am and beers after that with 10 other people)
  • Too much meat. Indians loves their chicken curry, fish curry and mutton curry and if it has chunks of fat, the food taste even more
  • Too much coconut milk (“santan”). Almost every dish has santan somewhere in it, otherwise it is not an Indian dish
  • Too much alcohol (some may differ with me here). Let’s face it, if you don’t drink, you are not a true Indian and if you don’t drink heavy, then you are wimp. Indians are also well known for their “todi” (fermented coconut water) for the extra boost

* Not my stomach wor – my cousin’s stomach captured on candid camera (copyright by Balajoe@2005)

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