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Daily commute to work

Irrespective of whether the fuel price goes up or not, I suspect that it will have little impact on the daily traffic jam from my house to workplace.
After commuting on the same road for couple of years, I came up with my own (unproven of course!) theory of what are the “real” causes of the traffic jam:-

1. The toll collector is too slow to collect the RM1 toll and spends couple of second before pressing the button to raise the toll barrier. It’s worse if you have an assistant in the toll booth, you will have the toll collector and the assistant chit-chatting whilst the driver are patiently sticking out their RM1 to be collected

2. Half asleep drivers who slow to catch up when the traffic in front moves (sometime we know them as road hoggers). Some even sleeps completely and need a loud “PPPOOOONNN” from my twin Hella horns to wake them up

3. Drivers who after a “happy night” at the pub last night wakes up late and rush to work. They will resort to using “alternative” routes to move faster (most of time we know them as the queue jumpers).

4. The “visitors” from other states. They are the worst kind and match the peribahasa “Seperti rusa masuk kampung”. They will drive slow, still feeling “blur-blur” as to where they are now and stops at the toll plaza (who have little time to give a proper direction anyway) to ask for directions. I hate this most of the time.

I really wonder how to explain this to the “visitors” during rush hour:-

“From here (the toll booth), take the left lane but not too much to the left otherwise you will end up in Sunway”. So, maintain left, go over the overhead bridge, still keep to the left but again not to the left, otherwise you will end in Leisure Square. Just before reaching traffic light, turn left into Federal Highway, go straight, and exit at Subang. Maintain to your right, go straight, and look out for signboard which says “Ipoh”.

5. New drivers who decide to test their driving skills in a very heavy traffic jam. Again they drive slow and the worst part is when the lane converge (join), they will put up their signal and will wait for a “space” to cut in (don’t they know that in a traffic jam here, there will not any space between the cars and most drivers are too selfish to give in)

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* Finally at the toll plaza after 30 minutes of heavy traffic jam. Hey! What is this? “Helpline LDP” banner sponsored by tea set manufacturer? Strange but true

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* After the toll plaza, a long and slow way to go before reaching office. Sometimes I mistaken this place as a large parking area. I really do.

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* The only consolation in the morning- able to admire the beauty of the morning sun

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