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CSI: MY (ala Gerak Khas)

(We all learned something from watching the CSI series. Image source:

After we had CSI, CSI:Miami and CSI: NY, I am pretty sure that our local production houses will one day try to have our very own CSI version promptly known as CSI: MY or PJT (Penyiasatan Tempat Jenayah). There will be major variations (of course) to make it a more localized version:-

1. The role of “Gil Grissom” is played by Datuk Yusof Haslam. The rest of the CSI team will be made up from the “Gerak Khas” team. Why? Because Yusof Haslam is one who made the most “cop” shows in Malaysia, so it is not a surprise that PJT will be under his production as well

2. Some of the crimes to be investigated such as snatch theft at Puduraya, armed robbery at Pajak Gadai Ah Chai, death at the local Dangdut Night Club in Setapak, the gang fight at the PJ Indian Pub and road bully incident at North South Highway.

3. At some of the major crimes / tragedies, we will have the local politicians at the crime scene to view the area and give their normal 2 cents words “kita akan menyiasat dan kerajaan akan mengambil langkah langkah dari trajedi berulang lagi

4. Actual post mortem will not be shown to meet the local censorship board guidelines. The “body“ will be shown being brought to Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur and the scene is then cut to PJT’s office where “Dr Halim” will be briefing the PJT team on the post mortem findings in a office meeting room.

5. CSI: MY or PJT is unlikely to be shown in AXN (home of CSIs) and as such will be limited to TV1 (home of local dramas). After several episodes, “CSI: MY – The Movie” will be produced and shown for Hari Raya.

6. Despite of several leads & clues, the case will be solved when the suspect turns himself in or appearance of a “last minute” key witness. Part of the investigation will be done by the “Gerak Khas” team who makes (too frequent) special appearances in CSI: MY.

7. There will be some kind of “pengajaran” ala “pendidikan moral” in each episode. The actual “CSI” work probably constitutes 20% of each episode. A Galak will be the main mediator during crisis between the CSI team members.

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