Success without NEP

By now, most of you have read about V. Krishnamal who was named the Mother of the Year at the Sri Murugan Centre’s 11th Kalvi Yathirai (educational pilgrimage). There are similar stories in every community (Chinese, Malay, others). These are the stories that inspire us and push us to do our very best.
I felt proud of her sacrifices to her children and the hardship that they went through when they were small. Waking up at 2am to a factory and spend four solid hours de-shelling prawns and return home about 6am to cook for the family, before leaving to work in a sugarcane plantation from 7am to 4pm. I don’t think the younger generations are wiling to do the same these days.
V. Krishnamal did all this without the crutch known as NEP and she even managed to get 3 out of her 6 children graduating from universities. Imagine of the wonders that she could have done if she had NEP to fall back to? I dare say that all of her children would have graduated from universities and will be in high post by now.
I am not criticizing NEP (well, ok I am) but look at the bigger picture here. V. Krishnamal did not have NEP because she did not belong to a particular race. But consider this:-
1. She worked de-shelling prawns and in sugarcane plantation
2. She had 6 children
Now, I gather she probably would not earned as much as what some of us (majority of us) are earning these days. Not many of us have 6 or more children. Now, how many of us managed to send our children to universities through our own and our children’s efforts? How many of your children have done you “proud” by failing their exams, joined criminal gangs and becoming another “kaki lepak” at shopping complexes.
The point is that you do not need NEP to be successful. If you are crying for NEP, then you must be one of those lazy ones around, begging to be spoon-fed because you are just plain lazy to move your butt around. Or you are one of those rich ones who had found loopholes in NEP and were able to enrich yourself further at the expense of others (rich enough to build your own helipad in your house?).
What you really, really need is self determination, professionalism, confidence and proper backing from your family and friends. With that, you can even conquer the world. V. Krishnamal did.
Think about it, will you?

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