A dummies’ guide on how to behave like a Malaysian Politician in time of crisis 0 (0)

(The man in “thick of the action” – Deputy Internal Security Minister: “Semuanya OK?”. Does this sound familiar? Picture source: www.rmp.gov.my)

Whenever I read the newspaper or watch the news over TV these days, some of the actions (or rather reactions) of our politicians especially those who call themselves Ministers & Deputy Ministers, looks all too familiar.

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Imagine how our world will be if… 0 (0)

(Remember John Lennon and his famous song “Imagine”? He sang “Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try…Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do…Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can…” – Picture source: www.lennonthemusical.com)

Imagination can be a powerful mental exercise. If we imagine positive things, it can soothe the mind and feelings.… Click to read the rest

Del.icio.us is indeed delicious! 0 (0)

Ever since I started on blogging, 2 things kept me interested to continue to blog: –
1. coming with the content for a blog (it’s a good mental exercise) and
2. Able to learn new things (when it comes to tweaking my blogspot, my hands are just too itchy to keep still)

Now, with my blog growing in the last 6 months, I am finding some difficulty to search through past blog entries.

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Black Panther! Courting Danger with One in Taiping! 0 (0)


(Back in Taiping Zoo, I can be standing next to a big “hungry looking” panther – so close that I could easily put my fingers in and touch the animal. I did not try my luck. Good thing was the panthers were behind a cage and the cats have just been fed, phew! Image Source: Wikipedia)

I had been planning to take son to the zoo for some time now.

He is now able to recognise the different types of animals from the TV shows (such as the Big Bird in Sesame Street) and we thought it would be good if he could see the animals in real (as long as he does not ask about Big Bird). The opportunity was there when we travelled back to Taiping for the holidays. We planned to take him to the Taiping Zoo – it will be my 2nd trip to the zoo.

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No Laughing Matter: Seeing Clowns in Parliament! 0 (0)


Before we start, this post does not in any way intended to insult professional clowns or Member of Parliaments who don’t clown around on serious business in Parliament.

Meet your next Member of Parliament – as a clown, he is funny and entertaining! I am not sure which is more depressing…a MP who goes to Parliament and does nothing or a MP acting as a clown in the Parliament?… Click to read the rest

Tamil Movie Review: Sivakasi 0 (0)


(Sivakasi with Hema – “relationship” that only can be made in the Tamil movies and Sivakasi making his “explosive” entrance – Picture source: www.indiaglitz.com)

It was a lazy afternoon, couple of days ago when we decided to head out to see a movie. I am not a big fan of Tamil Movies but being curious, we decided to see “Sivakasi” starring Vijay (heard a lot of this movie from my cousins).
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