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November 11, 2005

Time Out!

(Taiping has no beaches but I guess this is how me and my son will be lying down in bed in the house. Cartoon source: )

I am finally taking my Deeparaya leave on Monday till Wednesday, driving up to one and only Taiping. There will not be any blog from me during this time but it gives me a good chance to be away from a computer for once (I am already spending like 8 hours in front of a computer at my work place everyday).
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Some people think and act on their backside

(Some people think that President Bush is just too stupid to be a President – see “Too Stupid To Be President” . Do we in Malaysia have one in the making? The MP for Jerai is my first choice)

2 stories in The Star caught my eyes yesterday – titled “Writer’s car stolen after she ignored cop’s advice” and “Daughter’s suitor kills taxi driver dad”.
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