Month: October 2005

(The above photo is claimed to be an actual spirit caught on film – Picture source:

The below “kisah benar” is in conjunction with Halloween Celebrations due on 31st October 2005 (even though we don’t celebrate one but I have a story to tell and it is best to connect with Halloween)

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(The Flying Singh in action in Australia – true mark of a consistent champion. Picture source:
An interesting story on yesterday’s Malay Mail titled “PM: Where is the support?”

I am just loss for words, just like the Prime Minister but while he is wondering on why rally driver Karamjit Singh does not have the support of the private sector to continue racing for the country, I am wondering why the Sport Minister was sitting on the issue all this time.

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(This is a good example of what a self-centered, lazy and selfish people like to do – asking more hand-outs when they still have an able body and a job to prove their worth)

A truly inspiring story of a blind fisherman and his wife in The Star today

It is a story of Jamal Jamil who is blind and his wife Noraidah Kamaruddin who goes out to sea bringing their youngest kid.

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(Remember this statement from Bill Clinton? Are you making the right presumptions?)
I had a good lesson in making the right presumptions couple days ago when I was listening to a radio show where people call in to talk about their problems and sometimes, call in to say sorry to people who they have hurt or had misunderstanding.
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Handling meetings 0 (0)

I was typing this during my break from a system walkthrough meeting and as I pondered on the tough day I had, I realized that there is no easy way for handling tough audience (in my case, end users).

For those who gone through the same, I am sure you would have seen these kind audiences / users before: –



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