Supernatural 101: Close Encounter With A Spirit In My Old Office

spiritual ghost story supernatural

(I am pretty sure that everyone would have seen or heard stories of a ghost or a spirit from another side of the supernatural world – Poster source: Pinterest)

The below “kisah benar” is in conjunction with Halloween Celebrations due on 31st October 2005 (even though we don’t celebrate one but I have a supernatural story to tell and it is best to connect with Halloween)

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PM: Where is the support? Is this a right statement?

(The Flying Singh in action in Australia – true mark of a consistent champion. Picture source:
An interesting story on yesterday’s Malay Mail titled “PM: Where is the support?”

I am just loss for words, just like the Prime Minister but while he is wondering on why rally driver Karamjit Singh does not have the support of the private sector to continue racing for the country, I am wondering why the Sport Minister was sitting on the issue all this time.

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If only everyone was like this…

(This is a good example of what a self-centered, lazy and selfish people like to do – asking more hand-outs when they still have an able body and a job to prove their worth)

A truly inspiring story of a blind fisherman and his wife in The Star today

It is a story of Jamal Jamil who is blind and his wife Noraidah Kamaruddin who goes out to sea bringing their youngest kid.

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Making all the right presumptions


(Remember this statement from Bill Clinton? Are you making the right presumptions?)
I had a good lesson in making the right presumptions couple days ago when I was listening to a radio show where people call in to talk about their problems and sometimes, call in to say sorry to people who they have hurt or had misunderstanding.
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Advertisement 101: Tailgating, A Great Advertisement in Astro

car crash tailgating advertisement driving

Tailgating – some idiots do it on a daily basis. Image source: The Sun

They have little consideration on the safety of others. Anyone who saw this advertisement in Astro must have appreciated the great message that the advertisement was trying to convey – don’t tailgate. But a quick look at the advertisement reveals other important lessons too.… [Click to read the rest] “Advertisement 101: Tailgating, A Great Advertisement in Astro”

My trip to IJN (Institut Jantung Negara)

I was at IJN last Friday to get my dad admitted for a bypass heart surgery. His surgery was due on Monday. As we were not sure what time the admission, we decided to leave early to beat the jam and get a good parking spot. So, there were we leaving the house early at about 6.45 am and reached IJN at about 7.50 am.
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Driving Skills 101: How to drive like a “Schumacher” in the rain?


(King of the rain – Schumacher is a specialist on slippery roads and very much in control in a very wet race. Image source: Youtube)

There is little doubt that Michael Schumacher is the king of the rain when it comes to Formula One. His very controlled style of driving has won him numerous races in the wet.… [Click to read the rest] “Driving Skills 101: How to drive like a “Schumacher” in the rain?”

You want to be smarter? You want to try what I am “trying” now?

This is how a neuron connects to another neuron and passes the information to be processed. You would have learned this in your Biology class. Isn’t it just amazing what the human body can do?

Our brain contains millions of cells called neurons involved in the transmission and processing of information.… [Click to read the rest] “You want to be smarter? You want to try what I am “trying” now?”

Sorry…I have been infected with a fever!

Before anyone presses the panic button, let me assure you that I am not down with any dengue fever. I have been hit with a “Bing & Bong” fever. They are the characters from children serial “Tiny Planets”.

The symptoms (finger automatically pressing on channel 63 at about 9.54 pm and humming Tiny Planets theme song when I am taking shower) started last 2 weeks when I watching my son’s favorite kiddies shows when I realized he was almost silent, concentrating almost 101% on the show that was on the TV…”Tiny Planets”

The scenario is pretty simple:-


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