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A very short note on the trip to Taiping

I realize now that it was indeed a smart thing to do when I opted to work during the Deeparaya week and take my leave later. My friends who came back from their hometowns, just after their holidays, were talking about the heavy traffic jam and how tired they were driving through the crawl. I took my leave a week after the said weekend for a trip to my wife’s parents’ house in Taiping – expecting little traffic jam (luckily my expectation was true)

A driver’s dream come true – almost an empty road with no road hoggers on sight and the weather was perfect. Despite the almost empty road, I restrained myself from speeding (although the temptation was great). The very thought of being fined RM300 on spot was more than enough to convince me to stick to the speed limit of 110 km/h.

Instead of the usual stay in the hotel, we opted to stay at my in-laws’ house. It gives my in-laws more time to be with their grandson (my son). Eventhough there were heavy rain in the evenings, it was still hot during the afternoons. We had to keep cool in various ways – taking frequent showers, sitting under the fan, etc (maybe we will opt for hotel the next time where the room is air-conditioned)

Another way to keep cool – iced fresh coconut drink. The price of a packet of fresh coconut drink was cheap in Taiping. Just RM1.00 per packet with big chunks of ice (unhealthy I know but who cares – especially when we were sweating like sitting in a sauna)

We were in Taiping for almost 4 days before heading back home. We managed to go for the Night Safari at Zoo Taiping (will blog about it separately) and did some shopping as well. I was practically was sleeping, watching TV and eating most of the time (this is what I call as proper “resting”). The trip back home was uneventful and pleasant. Once again there was no heavy traffic – were able to cruise at 110 km/h with ease. We stopped at the Sabak Bernam R&R – just after Tanjung Malim for lunch (we got bored of Tapah R&R).

At the R&R, we opted for vegetarian food at the only Indian stall at the R&R (my cousin who was tagging along had to take vegetarian food and it looked tempting to the rest of us). All dishes with excellent dhal only cost us RM3.00 per plate. The food was great and was a plus point in our trip back home.

Before we left the R&R, we checked out the stall selling the famous “Tanjung Malim Pau”. There was no queue at the stall and we bought ourselves 3 kacang pau (cost RM0.90 each) to be eaten on the journey back. I must admit that the taste was good and no wonder it is famous

The “pau” safely tucked away to be eaten during the drive back. The color of the pau on the outside is slightly brownish instead of the usual white

We reached home just about 4.30 pm – just before the mad rush from the office starts. End to a good short break from work and mad traffic jam.


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