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Having a haircut

(I was away for a 2 days workshop but managed to post something about my son in between my busy schedule)

One of the tough things that a man can do is getting a haircut for his 2 year old son.

It’s tough because I have a difficult time to keep my still a hyperactive 2 year old son whilst going through scissors, razors and electric haircutter. Ever since my son got his first haircut when he was a year old, it has been my job to take him to the local barber.

* Busy at the computer before the haircut

As he would to start to cry the moment he steps into the barber shop, I will get him to sit on my lap and do all kind of tricks to get him to be still enough to cut his hair. It has been so until now. I took him along when I wanted to have a hair cut couple days ago. Whilst I was having my hair cut, my son was watching me closely. It worked like a charm.

* Still busy at the computer after the haircut

When it was time for his turn, he did not cry but rather busy “cutting” the hair on my hand. He was so busy that he did not bother with the barber who was busy working on his hair.

I managed to get him a very short haircut – that should last for another a month or so before the next trip to the barber.

All part of being a father…. Tag: Danesh

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  2. omg…the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘who is that little girl?’ lol lucky u cut his hair….to girlish edi!

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