Tired and out of idea! 0 (0)

Got this from my MSN conversation with a colleague this morning after she has just finished talking to a customer…Colleague says: penant
Colleague says: penant
Colleague says: penat
Colleague says: typed 3 times only get the correct wording
Colleague says: really very, very penat already

It’s Friday and most of us are looking forward to the weekend break tomorrow.… Click to read the rest

When a holiday is not a holiday 0 (0)


I don’t think God wants me to take a holiday, He rather have me to continue to be a workaholic. I guess so because every time I decide to go on leave, something will come up.I took the day off yesterday, not because I had something urgent to do or a function to attend to but rather because I needed to finish my leave for the month.… Click to read the rest

Fuel Price Increase: 30 Cents Up, It Is Time To Do A Budget 0 (0)


(A sample of my very crude but effective budget dashboard template in worksheet format – of course, I have multiple sheets for daily input of expenses and consolidation by months. The consolidation by month is more for the yearly income tax reporting)

Is this sound very familiar to you?

You received your salary on the dot and based on a rough calculation (some use only their 10 fingers), deducting estimated expenses for the month (it was food, beer and transportation for me), you gather that there is a surplus of almost RM1,000 (I know RM1,000 is bloody lot for some.… Click to read the rest

What Malaysian Astronauts Can Do in Space? 0 (0)

This is great.

We finally have short listed couple of Malaysians to be blasted off to space. They were celebrated in big way yesterday. The DPM out of the blue assured the Malaysians that the Government is not spending a single cent on the space programme as it is part of the package when we bought the Sukhoi jet fighters (those who can think may ask DPM whether this meant the Government paid more, upfront, for the jets but that besides the point right?)

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