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Real men don’t ask for directions

Q: Why did Moses wander in the desert for 40 years?
A: He wouldn’t ask for directions.

In case you are wondering about the above question, it’s all about being a man…

I and my wife decided to watch a late night movie in Sunway Pyramid. It was a time out for us as a couple without having our son tagging along. We went to watch the 9.10 pm show. After watching the movie (more about it later), we casually walked towards the exit to the car park. When I pushed the exit glass door, we realized that the door was locked. I tried a few other doors but the result was the same. All of them were locked as well.

The time by then was already showing 11.30 pm. My wife keep asking me to ask someone for the exit out but I did not. I gave her the “I know what I am doing” look. We were calm though – we walked to one floor down hoping that the exit there was not locked. Our hopes however were dashed when we saw that it was locked too.

Don’t get me wrong. The exit to the mall’s parking lots was opened but the problem was that we did not park there. We parked at the adjacent hotel’s parking lots. I usually park there because there always are some empty spots.

Despite of the spot that we were in, I still did not opt for asking someone for direction. I was hoping to see a security guard to ask for directions but there was none. There were a lot of people in the mall at that time but not even one security guard was around. We kept walking around and were kind of getting desperate because the 15 minutes grace period on the parking ticket to exit the parking lot was running out fast.

We finally saw some mall maintenance staff coming out from a storeroom. I quickly went and ask them. They directed us to an exit just one floor up (from our original exit) and guess what – it is exited to the hotel lobby (I have forgotten about this exit even though I have used it several times before). There were no doors between the hotel and the mall there. Feel sheepishly, we thanked them and rushed to our car. We managed to scramble out from the parking lot with seconds to spare before the ticket expired.

My wife keeps telling me that I could have saved a lot of trouble if I just stopped and asked someone for direction. She was right. It would have saved us time, anxiety and energy.

Then again, real men don’t ask for direction, don’t they?
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