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Sweet Revenge on a Queue Jumper

This made my day yesterday…

I usually take the back lane from the Sunway to my office every day – this is to avoid the mad traffic jam along the LDP leading up to the Federal Highway. The road that I use only has 2 lanes – for to and fro traffic and it passes through some residential area. Unfortunately, everyone else also uses the road to exit out to the Federal Highway – so I still go through a traffic jam but I can live with it – at least it is moving and the distance to my office is not that long.

And as usual, whenever there is a traffic jam, you will find queue jumper, taking “short cuts” to avoid the queuing up. I get frustrated and will start to curse the drivers – because I know at the end of the road or whenever there is a car moving from the opposite side, those idiots will cut into the normal lane without giving proper signal, creating further jams.

* One of the many idiots (aka selfish, arrogant bastards) who give little thought on other road users. They will immediately cut queue the moment they see the lane has slowed or stopped moving for a moment.

It happens every morning and it seems like there is nothing much we can do on these idiots. Whenever there is a chance, I will block these queue jumpers from cutting into my lane but these queue jumpers have never learned their lessons.

* Queue jumpers actually caused the traffic jams in the first place. When they cut in, the left lane has to stop to give in (except for me of course) and this contributes to the jam.

I think even God got fed up with queue jumpers in the morning. He finally answered my daily prayers for bad things to happen to queue jumpers.

It was a Monday morning and the traffic was bad. More so, as I was getting nearer to my office – the queue was long and moving very slowly. So, there I was, slowly inching away in the traffic jam when I noticed in my side mirror, a fast moving car using the “other” lane. Gosh, another idiot queue jumping!

This car (silver Kelisa) was driven very fast – queue jumped a lot of cars in the process. First I was angry at this idiot for an obvious reason; secondly I was amaze at how someone can be driving that fast especially when it was drizzling. Common sense will tell to slow down when the road was slippery.

Just then, I saw a bike and a car exiting from left towards the opposite lane. Before I can say, “what the fuck”, the Kelisa smashed into the motorbike, causing the bike to pin down the rider. The driver came out – she was a young Chinese lady, probably still a college student. She was in a shock – the rider managed to crawl out from the wreck with the help of other road users.

The rider was scolding at the lady – she was at the wrong lane and speeding too. I know he was in pain but I guess he was so angry, pain mattered little to him. If I were him, I would have bashed up the driver (does not matter if it is lady, she was an idiot nonetheless).

* The idiot checking the damage to her car. The biker who was hit is the one with the white T-shirt. He was in pain alright but he was pissed off too. Who wouldn’t?

First I was shocked because the accident happen just a couple cars away and I was concerned on the rider – he took a very nasty hit. Luckily his helmet was on. Then without me knowing, I had this big smile on my face. I was smiling; I was almost laughed with joy. I was singing praises. So much so that when I passed the accident and snapping the photo, I was smiling especially at the idiot who jumped queue. She was in big trouble – she caused injuries due to her selfish & reckless driving.

I shouted “Hallelujah” and was thanking God all the way to my office. I estimated that the cost of repair on the bike is going to cost her easily RM300. That is not including the medical cost & repair cost to the damage on her car. Now, I am praying that the next arsenal that God throws in is not a motorbike but a 10 tire heavy truck.

* There is no limit to queue jumpers in this part of the road – being bastards they are, it contributes significantly to their selfishness. They get plenty doses of cursing every morning though.

I feel great! One queue jumper down and thousands more to go

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