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Mahathir Talk

More on quotable quotes I guess

It has been a while since you heard the man speaking hard cold facts right in your face and despite being 81 years old, he has not changed a bit. He is still witty, composed and knows what & how to speak. Irregardless of his past records and how some of the problems are attributed to him, it is still interesting to listen when he speaks.

I like his opening speech where he says that he is not here to talk on controversial issues but the audience may ask controversial question for which he may need to answer (with a loud laughter from the audience). Indirectly he is hinting that he is going to talk on controversial issues – witty indeed.

Download the videos at Malaysia Today and watch it for yourself (the media player format is small in size). You may not get another chance to catch him driving hard facts on the current administration (unless of course, Mahathir has his ways and normally he does)

More of this at Jeff Ooi’s blog

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2 thoughts on “Mahathir Talk”

  1. It seems we ought to never underestimate the old man. When he retired and said he’s stay out of the way, many people didn’t really believe it. And for a long time he dabbled with his tomatoes in the back garden and DID stay out… and people started believing he will fade away to a quiet retirement.

    And just when you think he is out, BANG he’s back in with the AP / Agusta / Proton / bridge / PAk Lah slammers.

    What a guy!

    P.S. New to blogging and was sent your way. There’s a lot I could learn from you I’m sure, so I’ll be checking by often. Cheers, bro.

  2. Keropok – “New to blogging and was sent your way” – haha, wonder who is the one who sent you? I listened to Dr M speak and it makes sense too.

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