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End of World Cup 2006

“Damn! There goes my RM20”

That was my thought early this morning when I heard Italy had beaten France for the Cup. However, I was not that disappointed on my losses – my World Cup betting was still in a positive net (thanks to Brazil) and the winning colleague usually buys lunch for the rest of us (so we get to cover back some there)

No, I did not watch the game and missed on the Zidane’s head butt incident. For me, only the end result was important. The only match that I saw for the full 90 minutes was the match between Ghana and USA and that too was because it was a holiday and Ghana was playing their crucial match.

Having a crucial sleep on the night before Monday was a priority despite it being the final of the World Cup (I know some of you may be shaking your heads upon hearing me). I guess it is just that different people have different priorities – my mine would be computer games (I can play until 4 in the morning without being sleepy).

Anyway, not surprisingly the road to work was clear today – it is either because many had taken the day off to “recover” from France’s defeat (or their own betting loss) or most likely they have overslept and woke up late & rushed to work (instead of hogging the road). Some of my colleagues have watched all the matches and end up with a sleepy face in the morning and it should not be any difference today. In fact as I was drafting this post, I saw my buddy Alex walked in late and said that he overslept this morning.

With this finals are over, we can finally go back to the daily routine.

There will be less people at the local mamak stall blocking the road despite the obvious dangers. Yes, parking has been hell ever since the World Cup started – there are not enough parking bays for the wild supporters and one lane of the road has been conveniently taken over by the mamak stalls. Some idiots as usual double parked or parked at the junctions, blocking the roads.

No more sleepy heads in the office and no more, loud cheering from the neighbors at 3 in the morning. I hated that because the shout of “Gooooaaaalllll” from the neighbors sometimes leaves me anxious and restless in bed, wondering who had scored the goal (especially have betted on a favorite team to win). I am too sleepy to go and watch the game.

In a way, I am relieved that World Cup 2006 has ended!

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