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“Marketing” Late At Night

Except for the fact that I need to pay RM1.00 unnecessarily for the parking, I love getting my fresh vegetables from the wholesale market in Serdang. The vegetables here are fresh and cheap – a RM20 of vegetables is enough to last us for a week

The Selangor Wholesale Market in Serdang is ideal place for us to do “marketing” for fresh vegetables because it lies on the way back from my cousins’ house. We will normally hop in there once a week and my wife will buy enough vegetables to last us for at least a week.

The peak hours starts at about 8.00 pm and the place will be full of people (and cars) till the early hours in the morning. We went there once at about 2.00 in the morning and had a tough time finding an empty spot for parking.

Taking snapshots of the traders selling the vegetables seems too normal, so what I did was to take the shot from where I had parked my car. Just to be different.

It was pretty dark at the parking area except for occasional beams of lights from the headlights of cars and trucks that were making their way into the market. My son had fallen asleep when we were driving back from my cousin’s house. We laid him at the back to continue his slumber and my wife hurried off to do her shopping. Having nothing to do in the car except to listen to radio, I took out my camera and scanned the surrounding for something to shoot.

The area where my wife was doing shopping was brightly lit and just when I thought I did not have anything good to shoot, one of the trucks near to my car drove out, leaving a space for me to shoot the area.

I quickly took the shot before another truck move into the empty parking spots (it did soon after I have taken the shot). Tag: Photography

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