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Driving Skills 101: Looking “Holy” and Driving in KL

holy driving

Have a good look at the above photo of a holy man. Are you done looking? All right, now continue reading the following situation:-

You are late for work today. As such, you were speeding through the traffic jam (that will be miracle I know but stay with me on this one, will you?) and you are cutting in and cutting out, completely ignoring the other law abiding motorist and using very space in there to get going faster.

You noticed a slower moving car in front of you. You quickly cut in front of the car and almost immediately the car honked and flashed high beam lights at you.

You look up at the rear mirrors and you see a “holy looking man” in the driver’s seat. He looks angry but otherwise looks harmless.

What would be your reaction?

To some, it means it’s ok since you expect the holy looking driver to quickly forgive and forget and as such, you don’t feel “guilty” with your action. For others, it’s ok because obviously you seem meaner and arrogant than the other driver, so it is unlikely you will be beaten by this driver.

Different people have a different reaction but for me, if I am caught in that situation, I would probably be under the 2nd situation but I don’t do that in reality.

Let’s change the situation the other around, shall we?

You attended temple prayers in the morning and your forehead is covered with the holy ash (for other religion, please fill in the blanks accordingly). Having a good feeling, you drive to work. The traffic was bad but that does not matter to you. You have obviously seen worse.

Suddenly, out of no where, a car cuts queue and conveniently cuts in front of you. You honked and flash the high beam lights. The driver in front looks up at the rear mirror but after studying you, disregards and continues with his driving. How do you feel? Angry?

Unfortunately, I get into this situation so many times in the morning and am left hopping mad at some drivers (with one hand on the steering lock, of course).

Is it just me or it seems like when one is looking like a holy man, it makes others to take advantage of you.

It really happens that way because I have tested with the same situation but having a mean face (and no holy ash on the forehead), people have actually raised their hands apologizing for cutting in. This works even better when my brother and my cousins are sitting inside the car – those queue jumpers may think twice before challenging a beat-up Proton Iswara with 4 large Indians looking like gangsters.

This explains why these days I put tiny holy ash on my forehead or better still have none on it. I just want to look meaner and not holier! This way, there are fewer people trying to be funny with me early in the morning.

12 days more to go and counting…

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