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October 2006

Deepavali Summary

Something is not right with some people…

You know that people are taking the Deepavali celebrations less seriously these days when you turn on the TV on the first day of Deepavali and you find a show on Hari Raya on a government run TV channel – more the reason for not tuning to any government-run TV channels these days.[Click to read the rest] “Deepavali Summary”

10 Reasons to Celebrate Deepavali

Picture source: BJ Photos

I finally managed to get Ubuntu LiveCD running – more on it next week (after the long holidays)

It’s time for the time for the Hindus to celebrate Deepavali, the Muslims to celebrate Aidilfitri and the rest of Malaysians to enjoy an almost 5 days of holidays (I refrain from using the word “Deeparaya” which has been an issue for some).[Click to read the rest] “10 Reasons to Celebrate Deepavali”