Tech News 101: 100% Ubuntu Linux

linux ubuntu

It took almost 4 days but I have finally managed to solve my home computer problem and in doing so, I have gone 100% Linux at home. It felt like I just came out from an operation – performing major surgery on a dying patient.

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Neighbourhood 101: Creepy Strange Noises At Night

noise strange eyes

This is indeed creepy but having to move to a new neighbourhood allows one to hear strange noises especially at night. Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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Deepavali Summary

Something is not right with some people…

You know that people are taking the Deepavali celebrations less seriously these days when you turn on the TV on the first day of Deepavali and you find a show on Hari Raya on a government run TV channel – more the reason for not tuning to any government-run TV channels these days.[Click to read the rest] “Deepavali Summary”

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Tech News 101: Windows & Linux Problem

linux ubuntu

It may the case of Microsoft secretly adding an internal program that will cause the system to crash whenever it detects the user trying to install any operating system that is not Windows-based such as Linux.

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10 Reasons to Celebrate Deepavali

Picture source: BJ Photos

I finally managed to get Ubuntu LiveCD running – more on it next week (after the long holidays)

It’s time for the time for the Hindus to celebrate Deepavali, the Muslims to celebrate Aidilfitri and the rest of Malaysians to enjoy an almost 5 days of holidays (I refrain from using the word “Deeparaya” which has been an issue for some).[Click to read the rest] “10 Reasons to Celebrate Deepavali”

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Toying with Projects

Once in a while (probably 3 – 4 months in my case), something new will crop up either at my work place or home that will take my interest on a full time basis. New things like learning a new language (ya, I keep saying that but have not really put my feet on it) or programming or tweaking with “do-it-yourself” kind of activities at home.[Click to read the rest] “Toying with Projects”

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Governance 101: Member of Parliament’s free time


Speaking of having the right governance, you would have probably read this article titled “Parit MP appointed Felcra chairman” in the NST yesterday:-

Parit MP Nasaruddin Hashim had been appointed as the new Felcra Berhad chairman.He replaces Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin whose term of office expired last month. Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin, who announced the appointment, said Nasaruddin would hold the post for two years from today.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop had agreed to the appointment. Abdul Aziz also thanked Hamzah, who held the post since 1999, and his board of directors for their services.

“Following the appointment, new members would be appointed to the board and new officials for the subsidiary companies,” he said after presenting zakat and Hari Raya contributions to 150 single mothers as well as donations to masjid and surau representatives and Umno branch chairmen under Gopeng Umno division.

Abdul Aziz said Felcra and Risda must get back to basics and focus on their core businesses which were rubber and oil palm and to enjoy higher yields.

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The Garden Evolution

The last time I touched on the issue of gardening was when I was in Form 3 and Agriculture Science was one of the main subject in my class.

I recall the time when we formed a line from our classroom and walked towards the end of the school football field when we do our “gardening” – planting flowers and vegetables.[Click to read the rest] “The Garden Evolution”

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(Example of new and clean looking low cost apartment – picture source:

Not having high education is excusable but not having a simple common sense is not.

Last night, I was invited for a prayer at one of my aunt’s house in Puchong. She is staying in one of the low cost apartments in Puchong along with her 3 children (kind people all of them).… [Click to read the rest] “Uneducated”

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Moving New House 2006: In God, We Trust Part 4


Even my son helped out in the house shifting by packing and arranging his toys – seen here the next day exhausted and resting at the entrance.

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