Merdeka Celebration: Does it still matters now?

(I will be away for the next 2 days, so I might as well slot this post earlier)

I have been listening to the song by A R Rahman titled “Unnai Desathin” (loosely translated as “Your Country”) from the Tamil movie “Desam” (dubbed from the Hindi movie “Swades”) for the past 2 weeks.[Click to read the rest] “Merdeka Celebration: Does it still matters now?”

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Personal Grooming 101: Time For A Shave

safety razor blade for shave

The whole of last week, I was so busy with work and other stuff (excuses, excuses) that I did not have time to shave.

I started to look like a Neanderthal man – unshaven and the moustache & beard had grown like a wild bush. I started to look sick, so much so some of colleagues started asking me whether I was having a problem or was having a fever. I entered the lift with a senior colleague of mine last week and I noticed she was staring at me and before she could open her mouth, I said “Had no time to shave”. She looked a bit shocked but replied “I was about to ask you on that”. I said to myself “Why I am not surprised?” I need to shave before the start of next week.

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How Un Malaysian Are You?

{A prelude to a Merdeka post}

Congratulations Balajoe, you are 16% not Malaysian.

That means you’re as Malaysian as…

Abdullah Badawi !

Click here to see How Un-Malaysian Are You? Tag: Blogsphere

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Getting that fuel to last longer

(The world record holders – photo from

I have been using the Shell Super (with the Fuel Economy Formula) for the last 2 full tank fill up and I must say that I was impressed on how far I can stretch the mileage with fuel (with my kind of driving skills).[Click to read the rest] “Getting that fuel to last longer”

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3 years and counting…

(Still one of my favorite shot of my son and this is second time I am posting it in my blog)

This was posted last year and I will make it short this year.

That’s right – today is my 3rd year wedding anniversary. Over the last 3 years, me and my wife had our ups and downs but managed to keep it going.[Click to read the rest] “3 years and counting…”

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Doing Art on Pillow

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was feeling a bit drowsy.

It has been sometime since I had this afternoon naps. Often I get my son to sleep and then spend the rest of the day, playing computer games and watching TV. One of the reasons I don’t sleep in the afternoon these days is because I tend to get all lazy when I wake up (often resulting in last minute cancellation of appointments).[Click to read the rest] “Doing Art on Pillow”

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Indian Cinema 101: Classic Tamil Comedy 1

comedy Tamil Indian cinema Goundamani Senthil

Classic comedy means nothing without Goundamani & Senthil duo. Image source: The News Minute

With things getting too serious in life, we all need a break at one point of the month.

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Firefox Day

For those who been using Firefox, you would have known about this by now but anyway for those who don’t, here is the deal from Firefox:-

Introduce a friend to Firefox and if he/she downloads it by 15th September 2006, both of your names will be listed on the Firefox Friends Wall and in Firefox 2.

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Home Grown Moral Police

You know that somewhere out there, the nation is bleeding money, time and valuable resources just because some people want to be smart and impose their moral values on others. It is made worse when they do it blatantly at the expense of the public – all in the name of “I know what’s best for you”.[Click to read the rest] “Home Grown Moral Police”

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Beta Blogger

(This is for the benefit of those using Blogger )

In case you have not heard about it by now, take a look at the new improvements for Blogger at Blogger Buzz.

One of the reasons I moved from Blogger to WordPress is the ease of its blog management system.[Click to read the rest] “Beta Blogger”

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