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Re-discovering Art

My son had discovered new form of art!

If before this, he was happily drawing art with color pencils and pen on almost every item (that included my computer mouse and speakers). He has now discovered water color as the new medium to do his art. It was by accident too. My mom came back from her work and she got an idea for my son to imprint his hands on an art paper. It turned out well but my son got curious over the “liquid colors” as he had only known and used color pencils.

This one was different though…

This one has something called the “brush” which for him was something that was used to clean his teeth before going to bed. The brush however looked different – both in the texture and shape. Next was the bottles of bright colors and it seems like we need to add water before we can use it. This reminded him of his mom making milk for him before bedtime. It works the same – add the powder to water and presto, it is ready for use.

At first, he had trouble matching the “dipping” of the brush into the paint and “brushing” over the white art paper. There was times when he brushed without dipping and no color came out. After some time, he was able to remember the sequence well – dip, brush, dip, brush and change color. Once in a while, he tries to paint the floor but rest of us who been keeping a close watch managed to prevent it.

Soon he was on his way to make art pieces that looked “Picasso”. We ended his art session with a bright yellow star. He was by then in a small mess with paint on his hands and legs but he was happy of the new discovery. Tag: Danesh

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4 thoughts on “Re-discovering Art”

  1. wah….good start to a $$ career if he paints like picasso. 🙂 btw, you should stick this up on the fridge….give him more encouragement. 😀

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