My “Wife”

Yesterday, I was doing my own work when one of my colleagues instant messaged me.

He asked this question “bala, your wife’s pic ah?” At first I was confused because I was not sure what my colleague was referring to (I don’t recall posting my wife’s photo anywhere recently).

Then I realised that he was referring to my MSN display picture where I had the following picture (photo source: as my MSN picture.

For those of you who watch Tamil & Telegu movies, you will know whose picture it is (right?). Then I thought for a second and decided to play a small game with my colleague there (I was getting bored with system documentation anyway). My MSN conversation went like this:-

Colleague: bala, your wife’s pc ah?

Me: ya

Colleague: so, beautiful wan. Sure or not?

*I was trying hard not laugh out loud*

Me: he he thanx, picture taken last year

Colleague: looks like Indian actress only, you tipu me ah?

Me: ya, that’s what a lot of people tell her

Colleague: Sure or not?

Me: Dun believe me ah? Ask Tan (my colleague who sits near me and who have seen my wife on several occasions)

Colleague: ok, I will ask him

Me: U want to see my son’s photo? Then u can see the similarities

Colleague: sure

*I displayed one of my son’s photos taken when he was still a year old*

Me: So, how now? Believe me now?

Colleague: A bit lah but still not convinced yet

I was laughing quietly and to continue with the prank, I decided to alert my friend, Tan to maintain the same story. I instant messaged Tan and told him about my conversation with my above colleague. But do you know what the remark from Tan was?

I was a bit surprised when he responded by saying that he also thought it was my wife picture on my MSN IM. I was surprised because he has seen my wife on several occasions. He asked me to take a close look and when I did, I realised that some of the features resembled my wife indeed and if one taking a (very) quick glance, the picture looks exactly like her.

It looks like the prank is on me instead. Can you imagine me with an Indian actress? My wife would be delighted to hear that (she has been complaining on her looks lately) as long as I say that she looks like the actress. Tag: Jokes

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