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Know Your Car Basics 101: Excellent Goodyear Ducaro GA Reviewed

goodyear tire ducaro car

One of the best tires from Goodyear, the excellent Ducaro GA which has been my first choice when it comes to getting the best tires for my car. Image source: Hawk Tayar

First, let’s have a look at the statistics:-

Year used – 3 and half years (both the car and the tires)

Mileage – 78,000 kilometers (and counting)

Current Tire – Eagle GA (superb tires)

Whilst I know I can push my existing tires to go another 10,000 kilometres but given the heavy rain and the unpredictable Malaysian drivers (you know, the one that does not use the indicators to cut in), I rather not take the risk.

It is time to change my tires (it has not changed since I bought the car) and my preference was between the new Goodyear Ducaro GA and Bridgestone Turanza ER60 AQ. After checking with a friend who been using Ducaro for the past 3 years and checking both tire websites, I decided to go with Goodyear Ducaro GA.

One – because I am currently using a Goodyear tire (which is excellent all this while).

Two – there is a Goodyear authorised dealer shop 5 minutes drive from my house.

This is what I got from a Goodyear website:-

“The Double Sequencing Tread looks stylish, but don’t be fooled by looks. It also helps eliminate irritating road noise.

And Goodyear’s unique Decoupling Groove balances Ducaro’s footprint pressure for even wear while boosting durability and added mileage – as much as 27% more kilometers! And a Modified Tire Cavity provides a smoother, more comfortable ride.

No wonder Ducaro GA is being heralded as the best tire in its class”

And even I SMS-ed my good friend who replied as follows:-

“I have been using it for almost 3 years and very happy with the grip in the wet and dry and it is quiet too”

Sounds very “tasty” isn’t it?

I am going this Saturday to Goodyear dealer to get the tires changed and burn RM600++ in the process.

More of this next week but in the meantime, you can read a short review at Amoswong or my earlier post titled “Car tires maintenance made easy

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