Know Your Car Basics 101: Excellent Goodyear Ducaro GA Reviewed

goodyear tire ducaro car

One of the best tires from Goodyear, the excellent Ducaro GA which has been my first choice when it comes to getting the best tires for my car. Image source: Hawk Tayar

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What is a Bangsa Malaysia?

The word “Bangsa Malaysia” (Malaysian Race) it seems, does not seem to have one proper meaning. If one “google” out the word “Bangsa Malaysia”, you can find multiple definitions:-

Pak Lah – “This means that all Malaysians must be mobilized to contribute together to nation building”

Abdul Ghani – “Definition of the people of Malaysia with the Malays as the main race”

Najib – “Bangsa Malaysia means we do not evaluate someone by his skin colour, race or religion”

Lee Kuan Yew – “Wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they are more justified to be called Malaysians and that the others can become Malaysian only through their favor”

But probably the entry in the Wikipedia sums up what a Bangsa Malaysia all about:-

The Bangsa Malaysia policy was introduced by Mahathir Mohamad, then Prime Minister of Malaysia to create an inclusive national identity for all inhabitants of Malaysia, thus abandoning the National Culture Policy that asserted a Malay ethnic national identity.

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Tech News 101: 3 Steps To Fix Dialer Modem on Ubuntu Linux

linux ubuntu

After almost a week or so, I have finally got an internet connection up and running on my Linux based home computer.

And I agree that using Linux has not been a walk in the park either since after going through the various forums and reading plenty of documents, some instructions for the newbies did not help much (at least in my case).… [Click to read the rest] “Tech News 101: 3 Steps To Fix Dialer Modem on Ubuntu Linux”

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